Yoga For Weight Loss | Strengthen and Lengthen

25 comments on “Yoga For Weight Loss | Strengthen and Lengthen
  1. Michelle S says:

    Can you please answer this question for me? Every time I do am laying flat
    on my back and have to lift my shoulders and head I always have tension on
    my neck no matter what I do. Is this because my abs are too weak? I don’t
    feel much tension when I hold the back of my head with my hands however,
    that would mean I am not properly working out my core? I would appreciate

  2. Tom Waits says:

    I feel amazing now! Thanks Adriene!!

  3. Digger Nicks says:

    dat camel toe doe

  4. Bethany Whaley says:

    Wow, thankyou for sharing this wonderful piece with the world!! I have only
    practiced yoga a few times, each was with a video and there was little to
    no focus on the mind-body connection. I am a personal trainer and mostly
    focus on strength training but have ALWAYS wanted to practice yoga, and to
    the fullest extent. I love your spirit and just wanted to say thank you for
    providing this. I knew I would be hooked once I really gave yoga a try and
    you have done that for me!! 

  5. Beka H says:

    Man oh man adriene! Tough workout. But I made it through, with a few rests.
    :-) I’m overweight (250 lbs) so this was tough for me. I’ve lost 12 lbs
    since I started dieting and doing yoga though (about a month ago). Anyways,
    I’m gonna feel this tomorrow, but it was a good workout. I’m yawning now
    lol. You are truly an inspiration. Since I’ve started doing your yoga
    videos, you’ only.instructor :-)

  6. Rachael Uecke says:

    I just love you so much! you are a true Yogi. youre kind, effective,
    gentle, and encouraging. i love how REAL you are. your spirit is genuine
    and therefore make the practice so much easier. Thank you for sharing your
    gift of teaching with the online world! i am so excited to wake up in the
    morning and do yoga with you! You also somehow make it so enjoyable that
    40 mins feels like 10 !!! love love love ! aloha! <3

  7. Monique Tidd says:

    I enjoyed this very much, I will be back everyday! So nice to find this,
    what a treat.

  8. Amanda Marques says:

    Adriene, you are amazing. These videos are amazing. I am so glad I found
    your channel. I used to find yoga so hard and never really got into the
    habit but I have been really enjoying my practice with these videos. Thank
    you! :-D

  9. dreamsbydreams says:

    Thank you so much for your videos! I enjoy yoga but I never found those
    teachers and videos on youtube with which I would feel comfy and good till
    I found you! Before, even with only 20 minutes yoga videos I was thinking
    when this lesson will end – never happened in real life – but with you,
    even 40 minutes do not feel enogh! Thank you once again :)

  10. Johanna Pérez says:

    Hi Adriene! THank you for your videos, I really love them, I weight 106kg
    and most of the postures are really challenging for me but I have figured
    out that this is the perfect way to exercise my body. Thank you for your
    love and dedication. <3

  11. andrew hall says:

    Adrienne, your videos are good, but please extend them all by 2-4 minutes
    so we can stay in corpse pose longer. This one I was just getting into it
    when the next video started. I don’t mind the guitar outro, so much as the

  12. Fernanda Vaz Rocha says:

    Namastê! So grateful for this! :)

  13. strokerman01 says:

    I REALLY wish I could find some yoga stuff that doesn’t have all the BS
    spiritual mumbo-jumbo attached to it. It kept me away from doing yoga for
    years and years, and even though I’m only a few weeks in it’s threatening
    to push me away from it. I know many people who just can’t get in to yoga
    for the same reason. That along with the made up vocabulary like “honoring
    the body”, or using Hindu terms like “namaste” (gag) can really ruin a
    good, light workout.

    It’s almost like working out with a vegan – you just KNOW you’re not going
    to get more than a minute without them mentioning how they are a vegan and
    it’s been at least a minute before they told you that.

    It would be great to see some of the yoga people on here like Adriene make
    some videos focusing solely on the physical parts of yoga and leave the BS
    out of it – it would attract more people.

    Anyway, thanks for the videos. I’ll be doing a few in the coming days. 

  14. Carla Ruiz says:

    This is my first time doing it. I really love it!! I am starting this 2015
    doing yoga. Thanks for your video.

  15. Stephanie Embgen says:

    Loved this workout! I noticed there’s a plane passing by your window at
    26:33 :D

  16. Patricia Arnedo says:

    idk how you do it but you make 40 minutes go by so quickly you’re easily my
    favorite youtube yoga instructor

  17. Rachel Yaffe says:

    I really enjoy your yoga videos Adriene! I do them on days I don’t have
    Crossfit. I know Crossfit and yoga are very different, but I think it’s
    really important to have a variety of exercise in your life. I really
    appreciate your teaching style and I think you are a great teacher. Thanks
    for sharing!

  18. Emily Rice says:

    This is becoming part of my weekly work out. I love it. A lovely way to be
    calm and stretch out after a week of body neglect. 40 minutes just fly by.
    Thank you!!!

  19. Rhea Faye Felicilda says:

    This was difficult, I could only finish until 27 minutes into the video.
    Just a little over 10 minutes to go. I will keep trying. 

  20. lexuswoo says:

    Has anyone lost weight from this?

  21. Denice Dulce says:

    is this for men aswell? im sorry but i find it boring…..

  22. Chip Lynn says:

    Adrienne, I love your yoga videos! Keep them up. I have been doing the 30
    day challenge and have really noticed a difference in my body. You are
    great to workout with! Thanks-Kristin

  23. Yvonne Barnicoat says:

    I’ve done this sequence 3 times now after finishing “30 days of yoga”.
    Still can’t do a crow pose but the rest is lovely. That 30 day practice was
    the perfect foundation. I added a few bits at the end too – free style.

  24. LittleMadamMe says:

    Had some free time this afternoon and decided to dig out my yoga mat. This
    was a great way to get back into yoga. The freedom of movement was
    especially appreciated!

  25. Sydney Sykes says:

    great video!!!! love how you keep it about the viewer and offer many
    options. did the 30 day challenge and now im coming back for more! more
    30-40 min long flow videos please. love it thank you !!!!! youre the bomb 

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