Yoga For Weight Loss – 40 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Tone Workout

25 comments on “Yoga For Weight Loss – 40 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Tone Workout
  1. Emma Rutherford says:

    I did this today for Day 3 of Fitin15 today because tomorrow needs to be a
    cardio day for me! I remember this one from 30 Day Shape Up Summer
    Challenge. It’s tough but nice and I feel like it’s doing me a lot of good.
    I love the idea of yoga with weights! :)

  2. venturegirl 2 says:

    Did this workout after the 20-Minute Belly, Buns and Thighs Yoga Workout,
    for week 2 day 6 SpringAhead Challenge. I’ve done this workout a few times
    before… Some of these holding poses are still tough but I’m making
    progress :o) I had forgotten about the backwards hinge exercises at 36:30,
    have found that those are wonderful for strengthening the knees and so that
    alleviates arthritic pain. Thank you Jessica!

  3. Peaches N Creme says:

    Oh my goodness! This workout was TOUGH! My first time doing it and it was
    DEFINITELY a cardio yoga workout … my heart rate was up. I did it with
    five pound weights (I’m trying to be more like Jessica although I’m not
    NEARLY so flexible) and it was quite a workout. Boat pose is way hard for
    me and that side to side thing when you had us hovering … UGH! I was
    just praying for it to be over. A great workout though and LOVED the
    setting – just a beautiful space. I hope you make more workouts like this
    one. Joint friendly but really gets you working. Keep up the great work.

  4. Diane Reed says:

    Love the variety in exercise and location. And your gentle spirit.

  5. Nil Chua says:

    I will try this workout next week :)

  6. Dashama says:

    Great video, thank you for your positive energy.

    Blessings and Love,

  7. Jen M says:

    I adore this spot/scenery. I wish you could do more practices or workouts
    here. So lovely. (love the workout too by the way!!)

  8. Lara Sparks says:

    Switched the workout order for this week’s #SummerofStrength challenge. So
    this one is for my Day 10 workout. I really like this one! I’ve improved on
    the moves, but still have room for improvement! Thanks Jessica!

  9. Jessica Northcutt-Swain says:

    #SummerofStrength complete. Wow. I remember the last time I tried this
    workout. I couldn’t complete it and had to find something else. This time,
    I went through the entire thing! My balance was a little off with the “T”
    exercise and the hover/swivel was a bit too much for me, but I did
    everything else. I feel completely worked :) Thanks for a great workout,

  10. Elle Steady says:

    #SummerofStrength day 13 done. Did better than I expected, but still need
    some work on my balance. I also find the plank work challenging – I’m
    really feeling it in my wrists. Guess that means I have some work to do to
    improve my plank form too :) Practice, practice, practice. I do like the
    way I’m feeling though – definitely more energy. Added a 2 mile walk
    outside in the mid 80’s humidity. Really got my sweat on today.

  11. Chelsea G says:

    #SOS challenge continues! Always loved this workout but dang if my hip
    flexors aren’t super tight!! Got through it though and ready for stretching
    tomorrow!!! Really loving this challenge!!

  12. Joanna Johnson says:

    #sos day 13 found this one tough but really enjoyed it and I think I’ll be
    using it again.

  13. Claire Richardson says:

    #SummerofStrength — day 13 — did this one today — I had to skip
    yesterday getting ready for a family Christening. I used 2kg weights and I
    really had to modify quite a bit — did not really have the strength or
    balance for just one leg through most of it — but I tried not to compare
    myself to you too much! I LOVED the setting for this one — it really
    helped me to power through — I focused on how much I would love to have a
    beautiful reading/relaxation (exercise??) nook like that one. Thanks

  14. J Higgins says:

    Day 13 of #SummerofStrength completed. I’m surprised at how sweaty I
    am….another great workout.

  15. Jessica Justice says:

    Day 13 #SummerofStrength done! Did the 20 minute belly blasting cardio abs
    workout before this and I really felt both! I have always tended to shy
    away from yoga, but I am glad I tried this. I was surprised by how
    challenging some of the moves were for me! I loved the pigeon stretches
    though! Really looking forward to a nice active rest day and stretch

  16. Stef S says:

    Wow….this was wonderful. It was quite a core workout the whole way
    thru…the deep core muscles that we truly need strengthening. Thank you

  17. Michele Payne says:

    Day 13 of #SummerofStrength done. My arms are a bit like jelly right now.
    My second time doing this workout and I was able to get more reps done of
    some of the exercises that are more challenging. Feels good to be stronger
    and have more stamina. Thanks for that Jessica!

  18. Di Re says:

    Day 13 done. I got through this with modifications but had to skip the
    downward dog with the knee cross and pigeon pose. I am just not as flexible
    as you are:/ I still got a good sweat. #SummerofStrength

  19. Nandita Das says:

    Day13 done 

  20. Marie-Annick Bordeleau says:

    #SummerofStrength doing tree pose with slippery pants…..not easy! I
    always love this workout, it’s the perfect length and it is just hard

  21. Susan Broderick says:

    Finished! The hover exercise was so challenging. I look forward to the day
    when I can hover all the way through with you! Today, there was a LOT of up
    and down. I do love the stretch and abwork from the camel pose/diagonal
    arms reach back, though.

  22. Katherine Weiss says:

    Summer of Strength Day 13 done. Definitely some balance challenges in

  23. Christina Hoffman says:

    Day 13 of #SummerOfStrength challenge complete. This one is tough. I used 3
    and 5 lb weights. Thanks!

  24. Valarie Shively says:

    I had one of my bridal showers yesterday… so, this is a day late! I’m
    glad I still got myself to do it! Woohoo for willpower! #SummerofStrength

  25. girlie182tools says:

    Day 13 – of #SummerofStrength complete! I did this exercise this past
    weekend. Even though I had to go in for work on a weekend, I felt great
    having done this a few hours ahead of time.