AK28 Beginner Intermediate YOGA for Weight Loss Fat burning Full Class Hatha

25 comments on “AK28 Beginner Intermediate YOGA for Weight Loss Fat burning Full Class Hatha
  1. Kerri Lake says:

    Who makes those tights? They’re so cute…infact the tights you wear in
    most of your videos are pretty awesome. Please fill-a-girl in! ;-)

  2. Jenni Alexander says:

    Love all your videos Ali! How many calories do you think this class burns?

  3. Viviane Tréché says:

    Great class, thank you for posting! I just had to skip a part with belly
    down on the floor because I m pregnant but I did everything a part from
    that :)
    I love yoga and my baby as well hehe :D

  4. harii sir says:

    It would be a shame for you not to shed fat when these other normal people
    accomplish it easily with Fat Blast Furnace (go google it).

  5. Dinesh Aryal says:

    Do you know about the weight melting machine that lies hidden in your body.
    Just Google Skinnimaker System to activate it.

  6. Olga Stefan says:

    I almost gave up on yoga, after a few really disappointing classes. This
    video is absolutely wonderful, I have enjoyed every second of it. Thank

  7. Billie Coleman says:

    Was only able to do half of this video, but I love it! Will try to conquer
    the whole thing tomorrow :D

  8. Kathleen Pugh says:

    I thank you for your helpful free video.

  9. ashley meyer says:

    Love your classes, Ali! I feel so much stronger yet graceful after!

  10. Lucy P. Weeks says:

    30 Day Yoga Challenge, day one! A good class to start off with, after
    taking a few days off from yoga. Namaste. 

  11. Ana Mihajloska says:

    That was awesome! Namaste.

  12. ilovechuclex13 says:

    Ali, your YouTube videos have changed my life. I’m in my fourth month of
    yoga and I’ve seen and feel the difference. Plus I drink more water now so
    thank you.

  13. rosyvera says:

    Dear Ali.
    I have greatly enjoyed many of your videos over the last half year, as I
    have been making my first steps in yoga. Your videos are wonderful, very
    well narrated and gently guiding through the practices. I keep coming back
    to them several times a week and am seeing improvement in my flexibility
    and strength. Great selection too for variety of levels and practices.
    Goliamo blagodaria!

  14. Jay DeGraaf says:

    Great flow class. I’m normally an Ashtangi and these poses were very
    familiar. Loved the variety and balance of the postures. 

  15. Michelle Stephanie says:

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    there is a resource I want to recommend to you.
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    quick way to lose fat.
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  16. Jacqueline Kyle says:

    wonderful video.

  17. Serene Kaensap says:

    You’re the best! 

  18. Isabel Julie says:

    Wonderfullly paced class for yogis beginning to challenge themselves with a
    full “vinyasa” practice. Great alignment instruction. For those who would
    like a playful challenge – I added one headstand and one bakasana during
    the wide-legged forward bend just for fun. Plenty of time to work and play.
    Thanks so much, Ali!

  19. Isaac Mamon says:

    thank you ali

  20. vanessa cardui says:

    ali – one of the sexiest yoga instructor

  21. phoenixrisingization says:

    Beautiful session

  22. D'nota says:

    Hi Ali! I’m finally here on YT, I’ve been practicing with your videos for
    over a year now. *The effects are wonderful ! You’re 1 of my Favourite
    Yogis. Your style is refreshing, gentle, calming and very effective ! I
    find myself really digging deep & pushing forward with your practice in a
    safe & confident manner !* I’ve gotten to the point of just hearing your
    calming voice instructions and just being in-tuned with my yoga practice. I
    thank you sO much :-) +Ali Kamenova
    *Much Love, D’nota*

  23. Julia Bernard says:

    That was so cool! I love it! I will continue practising yoga with you!!

  24. Betchurbo.Otz says:

    Hey Ali, Ive been having stomach issues and I deal with a lot of pain. I
    came home after my stomach was bloated like crazy and it hurt beyond
    belief. I did this yoga exercise like I have been. The pains are gone now.
    Thank you. 

  25. Anagnoresis007 says:

    My absolute, absolute, absolute favorite! I have been practicing this –
    with a lot of others of your classes – for over a year, but I keep coming
    back to this always. :)

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