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  1. Amit Tewari says:

    Good Job Atul

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    Thanks Amit ji

  3. FitnessRockers India says:

    Best tips/foods for fat burn, Fat loss, Weight lose, reduce belly fat with
    natural Ayurveda without exercise/workout in Hindi, India
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    PleAse, pray for her.

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    Ek inch ginger itna..

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    yhik hai

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  12. Sukhdeep Marwah says:

    Do we drink hot triphla remedy or cold

  13. FitnessRockers India says:

    Thanks for writing Sukhdeep ji

    There is only one remedy mentioned in this video with triphala, according
    to which you need to boil water and triphala mixture for 5 minutes. Where
    is the disconnect? I didnt get you Sukhdeep Ji. Please share.


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    Important information for me, because i want to get rid of 3 kg each month,
    thank you very much for this video

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    Please talk about videos whenever possible so that other people can easily
    benefit from identical. Take care.

  18. Anees Ahmed says:

    Take all suggest drink or any one of them 

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    Awesome :)

  20. Debapriya Chakroborty says:

    hi +FitnessRockers India ur video is very useful but i wanna know after
    having these energy drinks early in the morning in an empty stomach, when
    we can have our breakfast?? after 15-20 mints or more ?? plzz reply

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    God bless you my dear 

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  24. Easy Fast Fat Loss (The Definitive Guide to Losing Weight Fast & Keeping it off Forever) says:

    Some really nice fat loss tips. Great work!