40 Min Cardio HIIT Workout + Butt, Thighs, Abs: Ultimate Workout for Belly Fat Loss, No Equipment

24 comments on “40 Min Cardio HIIT Workout + Butt, Thighs, Abs: Ultimate Workout for Belly Fat Loss, No Equipment
  1. FitnessBlender says:

    Warm up cardio + brutal bodyweight HIIT + cardio burnout + abs & obliques +
    stretch; no equipment. Info for this routine @ http://bit.ly/1q9Ng7q If you
    like this workout video and want to see more like it, let us know.

  2. Tanya Walker says:

    Lord have mercy on anyone who presses “START”! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. saralaws19 says:

    only managed to do 30 mins of this 2 days ago. yesterday i did a 30 min run
    and now today I’m back here again hoping and praying and pushing that ill
    finish the whole 40 mins. I’m going to stick to this workout for the home
    workout for the week. ill update y’all if I’ve seen any difference at the
    end of the week :) 

  4. Anja22 says:

    I just set my goal: burn 200-500 kcal in a day, an consume 700 kcal! And
    all exercises with you, +FitnessBlender ! Thank you on great workouts! And
    today i did your 32 mins low impact cardio! GOOD JOB +FitnessBlender 

  5. Kai Zendejas says:

    Omg! This is great! I did this at my friend’s house because we wanted to
    lose weight. After we did this video once I lost about two pounds and four
    ounces! This is helpful and I do your videos everyday! Before, I was lazy
    and sat down and watched TV. Now, I do these everyday! Thank you for
    sharing these with us. They are very inspiring and will help a lot of
    people work out more probably!

  6. Nicole Chow says:

    Idky but whenever I workout my mouth gets really dry easily, so I have to
    keep taking mini water breaks just to sip some water so that my mouth isn’t
    so dry but I easily drink 2L+ of water a day, but my mouth still gets
    really dry when I workout.. I also keep needing to take little breathers
    sometimes because these workouts just tire me out.. does it matter that I
    keep needing to take breaks? I hope that if I keep working out one day I
    can just complete a whole workout with no breaks (unless stated to in the
    video) :)

  7. Anna Mahmood says:

    WORKOUT COMPLETE! I almost quit at 20 so I set a goal and tried to push
    myself through till 30 minutes, then once I passed 30 I kept going till I
    completed the entire workout. It was a great sweat, uff! About 2 weeks ago
    I couldn’t get through 5 minutes lol. Back again at it tomorrow, I
    officially love you guys.

  8. Michelle Bazuin says:

    +FitnessBlender your guys are amazing! But i have a question. What are the
    calories in the low right corner of the screen?.i don’t get it.. is the
    left side for women and the right side for man or something? I love all
    your video’s but i actually still not understand.

    P.s i’m from holland so i don’t know if the english is correct

  9. TheRogueDM says:

    Wow Kelli this is the first HIIT I can genuinely say I enjoyed! I had to
    stop at a couple of extra points but not for very long. Now I know the
    structure better I have a good idea if what to expect. Next time I could
    probably do it without the extra breaks.
    The cardio towards the end that involved going over arm was really hard to
    balance after the HIIT! Don’t know why… Btw any advice on neck strain? I
    think I was getting a bit better regarding crunches towards the end and I’m
    best on the bicycle ones, but for the toe touch and roundabout crunches my
    neck was feeling the burn long before my abs… I feel every time like I
    have a weight on the back of my head that’s pulling me down to the ground
    more than it should.
    Having said that I’m very pleased with my progress – I wasn’t expecting to
    finish this one at all!

  10. Sharra Davis says:

    I love that I can still do this workout even though I can’t do too many
    jumping movements (I’ve been having intense Achilles tendon pain). It still
    tires me out and I can modify things to be lower impact for my ankle. I’ve
    been using this site for 2 years. I used to be a size 11 and now I’m a size
    7 (won’t be able to get much smaller because of my hip size). You guys
    never fail to disappoint.

  11. todd adolph says:

    excellent.. i’m a pool of sweat.. added to routine…

  12. Jodyann Innerarity says:

    thanks for the working out my niece and i enjoyed it…ive loss weight for
    the pass weeks. thanks

  13. Angela O says:

    the stretching at the end of this workout felt absolutely amazing! :)

  14. Marco Guzman says:

    This looks horrible xD but in a good way! I’m 14 & I’m going to try to
    accomplish this FIRST TRY! I think I have a small chance of being able to. 

  15. Ngan Nguyen says:

    Just started my 8 week fat loss program back today. Super tired but however
    I managed to make it out alive. <3 GOING STRONG! <3

  16. Gloria Tersis says:

    OMG! It was AWESOME!!! I love every FitnessBlender’s videos. One more

  17. Deez Nuts says:

    Just finished it, and holy mother of a banana store it was intense!

  18. Stefan Loghin says:

    SHIT. Because i saw it was a girl i thought it would be easy. DEADLY WRONG.
    SO FUCKING HARD. DID MAX 10 min, And i am pretty strong, i just dont have
    stamina. i do pushups like crazy and situps. but this is just HELL

  19. Christina says:

    First Youtube Workout ever sucessfully done … was nice :)

  20. Andreea Maria says:

    Omg I only did it untill the water break…that was the finish line for me
    lmfao.I hope I will do more tomorrow

  21. FlashemisArrow says:

    I smell disgusting. Thanks you guys!! 

  22. Avril Manici says:

    how many callories do u loose by doing this whole excercise??

  23. ExoticAfro says:

    I’m about to die.. omg! I want to quite this so bad. But I’m going to do
    this to the end

  24. moiseandreearamona says:

    Could use a few less jumping around.People underestimate how hard jumping
    around is for someone who weights over 80 kg :( other than that awesome