YOGA for WEIGHT LOSS Part 1: Would YOGA Help ??

25 comments on “YOGA for WEIGHT LOSS Part 1: Would YOGA Help ??
  1. neleza says:

    i am trying to lose my pregancy weight.thanks alot for the edvice,

  2. Cam Jordan says:

    These are such sweet videos, thank you

  3. OBLIVIOUSavior says:

    weight loss is such a rewarding thing. it can be such a challenge, but it
    can be so rewarding. i used to be very heavy, and i had this mental idea of
    myself as a thinner person. whenever i caught my reflection i was sad
    because i was so far from what my mental image was. the best feeling is
    seeing yourself and feeling yourself and loving it. makes it all worth it,
    and gives you the energy and motivation to keep progressing.

  4. coxinel007 says:

    Excellente méditation pour les personnes concernées, mais certainement
    aussi valable pour d’autres addictions… Merci de partager ton précieux
    savoir avec tant de douceur et de simplicité :) <3<3<3LOVE & LIGHT<3<3<3

  5. rorkimaru says:

    Nice meditation. I don’t actually want to lose weight I need to gain a bit
    but I just visualised it differently like you said at the start and it was
    actually quite intense. Definitely going to practice this one, Thanks E!

  6. Ekhart Yoga says:

    What I understand the body digests food a lot easier if you don’t eat carbs
    and protein together. However, I am not an expert on diets, and I know
    there are a lot of different takes out there on what to combine with what,
    no fats and carbs together is also one of them. My advice to everybody is
    to do your own research on that subject and make an informed choice! Good
    luck with that :)

  7. Payitamon says:

    Hi, Esther! Your videos are the best I’ve ever found on yoga. You should do
    a video of a yoga session to do right before, or the night before, a (very
    stressing, obviously) flight :) Happy new year!

  8. ALY55AaryN says:

    Excited for the new series Esther :)!

  9. Tamara Thelland says:

    this would help with quitting smoking too! so helpful esther thank you :)

  10. XPUPA says:

    @nanquan491 carbs?protein together will make you big as elephant ESTER IS
    SO RIGHT..about visualisation,everything she s a therapeut forn

  11. beccahday says:

    i so enjoy your videos, thank you so much for your efforts. i send your
    video links to friends and family a lot! :) best wishes to you.

  12. tube4625 says:

    ps zone recommends 5 small meals with that 9-7-2 ratio.

  13. tube4625 says:

    simple visualization; works great, thanks

  14. 1EternalHope says:

    Thanks so much for this!! It helped a lot :]

  15. Athena92 says:

    @Esoteria7 I’m pretty sure it’s just you.

  16. lizaly21 says:

    i always tell myself i cant do it i try so hard nevr works i keep gaining
    but since u told me this i have a good feeling for this i will be doing
    this every morning how long do u think it will take to lose weight if u eat
    rite nd do it everyday but take a day for a breakk

  17. Amogha C says:

    thanks so much esther,,,,,i am from india wher yoga prevalied….u are
    right….we should never eat carbs and proteins together….thats how our
    bodies work,,,,,,i love the visulization…..i am going try it from
    today,,,,,love varshini

  18. quimicafq says:

    Hi Esther, I ran into your videos today and I’m excited to start trying
    yoga with you! But I have two questions, one, regarding this video, is this
    part 1 of weight loss? Because in the other 4 parts you’re dressed
    differently so I’m confused… And second, when you have a series of
    videos, for example, yoga for beginners part 1, 2,3 etc, should I do all
    those videos in one day or do one each day? Thank you so much!

  19. MsTurquaz says:

    Esther, I just have to really thank you. I started following this serie
    just a short while ago. Also started to eat better and think better. My
    ideal weight is 50. I was 68,7 kg just a week ago. Today I’m 66,6 just in a
    week! I did it 3-4 times in this week. I think the visualisation really
    helps a lot! I don’t really care how much weight I’m losing anymore. I know
    I’m doing something right and getting/feeling healthier. You are great at
    what you are doing. Cosmos bless you! :)

  20. smbrero says:

    On day 5 of my 30 day yoga challenge and loving it! I’m finding that I not
    only want to make time for yoga, but NEED to! I can already feel a
    difference in my body, especially my flexibility. Thank you for your
    wonderful videos and your passion for yoga!

  21. meena2r says:

    Hey, This is part 1 out of 4. It’s very important to do the meditation part
    (this video) before you move on to the other videos. I have been following
    these videos for sometime now and it really helps a lot. So do the
    weightloss series (4 videos) 3-4 times a week.. goodluck!

  22. Heidi Bennett says:

    Thank you for your videos…your are very down to earth. I am working on
    weight loss and more flexibility. Question…on yoga videos when the
    instructor sits cross-legged (Indian style), their knees are closer to the
    floor than mine. What is an exercise to stretch out for a more comfortable,
    flexible sitting position in this style? Thank you!

  23. id77 says:

    Thank you so much for your videos! I have tried everything after having my
    children and nothing worked! I looked at your videos and immediately felt
    motivated again. Your lessons are clear, calm and very good! You are a
    great teacher and thank you for making emphasis on the breathing, nobody
    tells that frequently and its very important!

  24. Pari Lahoot says:

    hi Esther i,ve ,been doing ur yogas 4 a month,though i love them but my
    knees and my neck r hurtl cuz i,ve got artritis,what should i do? thanx a

  25. yogafitnessguru says:

    Yoga is great for weight loss so I would highly recommend following a
    program like this. The mental aspect is just as important though; nice
    little exercise here to get you started.