how to get rid of inner thigh fat in a week

23 comments on “how to get rid of inner thigh fat in a week
  1. brittanybeauty29 says:

    This was very helpful!! thank you! i do this when i watch tv and when I’m
    brushing my teeth etc.

  2. Layla Jabiri says:

    I think it would be best to exercise this for 5 minutes or longer (if you
    want) each day. Or if you get tired you can take a break between the 5 mins
    or the more mins you doing! This is my opinion, I’m not saying it’s best
    for everyone but for people who are willing to and especially for myself.

  3. Bethany Garcia says:

    I try avoiding doing squats because I have very muscular thighs but have a
    lot of inner thighs fat so this is no help. Once again 

  4. Hannah Gallyer says:

    Is any one else watching this while sitting down In pajamas and then just
    thinking about doing it but decide not to lol

  5. xxjoyce says:

    I’m going to start with it today I’ll let you know if it works

  6. Julia Clark says:

    I’m trying this out because I’m trying to thin out a but before the
    summer…… I’m starting today with 5 minutes a day and I’ll come back in
    a week and share my results! ☺️

  7. Mati Laufeyson says:

    this is amazing! I noticed a difference almost immediately!

  8. megan pandalover says:

    im going to do this for a month and ill give updates every sunday…. wish
    me luck

  9. Razgirl says:

    This is good but doubt it will make a difference in a week.

  10. ariella eagle says:

    Thanks girl. Imma try this out and I’ll come back a week later and share
    results with everyone to let ya know if it works :)

  11. øh says:

    Doesn’t this exercise give you a big butt?

  12. Sally Bowers says:

    This will not help anyone unless their genes naturally take fat off the
    inner thigh. Targetting a certain area of the body may make it more
    muscular but will not garuntee fat will be lost there. I have a thigh gap
    and I weight train but I know many people with much thicker thighs than me
    using the same weight. This exercise does not determine how thin your legs
    will become. 

  13. courtney anderson says:

    How do I get motivated? Like I say I’m gonna do it but then I don’t. Any
    tips on how to get motivated easily?

  14. zuzi May says:

    I’m starting today and I’ll try to do it everyday ( or at least 3 times a
    week ) for 5 minutes. I’ll feedback after this month :) Wish me luck ! >.<

  15. Elisabeth Kroner says:

    I’ll try it too and let you guys know if it worked on me, bc I already have
    muscular legs but a lot of inner thigh fat :). I think I will start with 50
    squats and make more every day, I’m back in a week ;)

  16. Hannah Hibari says:

    The key is not exercising , but the motivation to keep on doing it.

  17. Molly Tillett says:

    This works 100%. You don’t have to do it for 3-4. I do it 3 times a day for
    as long as I can. It hasn’t been a week yet and I’m already seeing fast
    results in 

  18. TheMixedRabbit says:

    Do you have to change your diet to see a difference?

  19. Algebra Cow says:

    I’m male and I just did this exercise for the first time until I fell on
    the floor. Is that too much?

  20. Bridget Powell says:

    One thing that annoys me the most is reading comments on inner thigh
    slimming videos, and seeing people comment; “ew, thigh gaps are gross”.
    Yes, having a huge gap isn’t what I am aiming for, but I am one of many
    girls out there that is sick and tired of going for walks and having their
    inner thighs scratch against each other and create rashes.
    So starting today for the rest of the summer I will be doing this workout,
    as well as going out for 50 minute walks each day. I’ll keep do my best to
    keep posted with my results every week ^^

  21. albert navarro says:

    Thanks im so fat i just wanna get rid of ot

  22. selena diaz says:


  23. Aneesah Styles says:

    I did similar exercises to this for months and i only built muscle in
    thighs and butt … didnt lose anything