Vinyasa Yoga Class | Beginner/Int | w/Brenda Juarez | for Weightloss and Flexiblity

12 comments on “Vinyasa Yoga Class | Beginner/Int | w/Brenda Juarez | for Weightloss and Flexiblity
  1. Patricia Lindo says:

    Excelente maestra de yoga…me gustaría que diera las clases en español

  2. Jenny Eugenio says:

    Than you so much…. I really wanna learn yoga. This is great. Im from

  3. Jenny Eugenio says:


  4. Brenda de Leon says:

    Beautiful Class!!! Very Professional and excellent Instructor! 

  5. Liz Juárez says:

    Me siento muy emocionada de ver a mi queridisima sobrina presentando esta
    excelente clase, la felicito!!!! Gracias por atender a mi petición de
    hacer un video de su clase, Gracias también al señor Stephen por tomarla
    en cuenta y presentar este trabajo. Estoy en otro país y por ello no puedo
    asistir a sus clases, pero ahora la distancia ya no es problema, esperamos
    esta y otras clases también en español.

    I am very excited to see my dearest niece presenting this excellent class,
    I congratulate you. Thank you for attending to my request to make a video
    of its kind, Mr. Stephen Thanks also to take into account and present this
    work. I’m in another country and so I can not attend his classes, but now
    the distance is no problem, hope this and other classes in Spanish.

  6. Aled Davies says:


  7. tanyajB23 says:

    Really enjoyed the class and good instruction but for me the sound quality
    was not so good it was hard to hear what was being said at times, and not
    easy to look in some poses !!

  8. Super Nova says:

    Thank you! needed something like this! 

  9. Megafayce says:

    really amazing. I’m in pieces after second time :)

  10. anna smith says:

    SUCH a good practice series but that low drone in the background makes it
    impossible to stay with. PLEASE re-record it!

  11. blacksunaccounts says:

    what the heck is that humming?

  12. Trishia Juarez says: