Yoga For Weight Loss – Hips & Hammies

23 comments on “Yoga For Weight Loss – Hips & Hammies
  1. Yoga With Adriene says:

    We’re BACK! Yoga For Weight Loss – Hips and Hammies!

  2. Natalie Lacy says:

    Thank you! Sadly I fell out of yoga during the month of June since you were
    gone. So glad the surgery went well. And now I’m gonna hop on the mat and
    find what feels good! :0)

  3. 賴秀娟 says:

    I do 30 days yoga and now is day 9.
    You really awesome!
    It’s gald to see you back=)

    I love you :-)

  4. Amy Costello says:

    Adrienne, thank you so much for posting this! Happy you are feeling better!
    Good to see your smile!

  5. Sandra Parlow says:

    We’re BACK! Yoga For Weight Loss – Hips and Hammies!

  6. MissEk says:

    Welcome back! You look great! Namaste :)

  7. Jacqueline Renouard says:

    Thanks for the wonderful new video Adriene, and the new voice is just as
    lovely as the old one :D

  8. Yoga With Adriene says:

    YOGA FOR WEIGHT LOSS – and HAPPINESS. Transformation is not about becoming
    something you are not. It is about coming back to your true self. That is
    the beauty of Yoga and integrating the principles of yoga into your work
    out. All yoga is yoga for weight loss – in a way – because it’s all about
    awareness and loving yourself. This yoga practice gets FIERY with a focus
    on opening in the hips, stretching the hamstrings, a core connect… and
    some neck and shoulder love. This was a big request from the kula
    (community) so we are back after a month long break with a nice full
    sequence to connect your mind your soul and to work that body! Be mindful,
    move with your breath and enjoy! #yoga #yogaforhealth #yogawithadriene
    #fwfg #findwhatfeelsgood #yogi #yogaposes #yogapractice 

  9. nicole kraft says:

    Welcome back! So glad you are well!!!!! Thank you for another amazing
    sequence. Added to my favorites! Love love love it! Xxoo

  10. Serenity Moon says:

    This felt so good :) Thanks!

  11. Tajinder Kaur says:

    This was perfect 

  12. Gabriela Rivas says:

    You sound great! So good to have you back :)

  13. Tiger Lamb says:

    Adriene – please can you do a yoga session that is gentle on a healing
    sprained ankle? Pretty please??

    I rolled/sprained my ankle today. Typically ankles take a couple of weeks
    or more to heal, but I desperately do NOT want to stop doing yoga (it has
    really helped me since losing my father; its been my lifeline to sanity and
    healing). I’m not sure which poses to avoid and which are really safe with
    a sprained ankle.

    In my case, it’s not a bad sprain. There is some minor swelling; am able to
    bear weight/walk, though am limping a little; I can turn the ankle inward,
    up and down with no trouble — it’s quite painful when I try to flex it out
    to the side though, or put all the weight on my toes. I am keeping it
    wrapped and taking care.

    I normally sit like a yogi (lotus/sukhasana) in my chair (always have) and
    it’s driving me nuts that I can’t sit like this right now as the pressure
    is on the bone that was sprained (the main ankle bone on the outer side of
    the ankle).

    Since ankles are a common injury – I suspect it would be a very popular
    video. Thanks in advance; really hope you’ll be willing and able to do this
    soon. xo Namaste

  14. stashdancer says:

    This was absolutely what I needed today. Thank you so much Adriene for this
    great practice.

  15. new age hipster says:

    LOVE THIS! Only recently discovered you but OM-Goodness me I’m glad I did!
    :-D <3 xx

  16. mikaila holland says:

    LOVE doing hip opening work and i LOVE this video for it

  17. Caitlin Ava says:

    Hey Adriene! Happy summer to you :) I was hoping some day you could do a
    quick yoga for menstrual cramps? Yoga has helped me with basically every
    other bodily issue I’ve suffered with and I know there has to be some yummy
    poses that will help with pesky cramps.


  18. tubeyhamster says:

    Welcome back and I like this practice very much. Thank you!

  19. cookiesforobama says:

    Adriene, I was really struggling today. I was struggling with my routine,
    with motivation, and dealing with some personal issues as well. I didn’t
    want to do this, it was difficult, I cried partway through (not due to the
    yoga, haha!), and I had to take a few breaks, but I MADE IT. I did this and
    I’m so glad I did. Thank you.

  20. Hannah Skedsvold says:

    Absolutely loved it! I started with your restorative yoga videos and now
    being able to move onto a practice like this is amazing. So much love to
    you Adriene.

  21. Andrew Anthony says:

    Thanks Adriene

  22. Kelly6758 says:

    Hi Adrienne – Just discovered your channel, and Im so happy I did! I was
    wondering if you could do a Yoga For Nerves sequence!

  23. Kim Dillon says:

    Hey Hey ! I have a request for a Foundations of Yoga Vid: Upward Dog. I am
    never certain I am doing it with the proper, safe form and would love to
    rework,refresh and be mindful. Thanx! Also I am glad you are recovered and
    back !