Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation!

25 comments on “Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation!
  1. Adre Laso says:

    Nice video , inspirational , and nice song , what is the song¨s name ?

  2. Matt Bracewell says:

    I don’t normally G+ “inspirational stuff” but Arthur’s journey is
    incredible and awe inspiring.

  3. bgainesDM1 says:

    The doctor who told him that he wouldn’t be able to walk again deserves a
    bigtime asswhoppin’!

  4. Jason Hatherlee says:

    I’ve lost 58 pounds doing this workout. Whenever I get discouraged,I watch
    this video. It makes me want to exercise for days.

  5. Ajish Kumar says:

    Amazing Video and a must watch daily to draw inspiration.

  6. Kyle The Riolu says:

    If your going to share anything today, instead of sharing a repost or post,
    repost this inspirational video, nearly cried with :’D

  7. Patrice M Foster says:

    This man is incredible! Watch this injured war vet totally change his

  8. music mayhem and gaming says:

    some things its OK to cry about right? a truly inspirational video about a
    paratrooper who was told he would never be able to walk unassisted again 

  9. Crissy says:

    def be incorporating into my new routine. 

  10. Ariel says:

    Sweet . . . Well done ! :D

  11. james stride says:


  12. Janelle Shanks says:

    God bless you changed for the better you kept at it no matter what and you
    lost a lot of weight and you look amazing you inspire me to do it by
    watching this remember the power of god is haters make you stronger and
    push harder if you have people disliking it <3 you're doing awesome

  13. j-p may-love says:

    everything is possible when you’re believe

  14. Rosalena A says:

    Querer es poder wow!

  15. Kassnoss Gaming says:

    I think this is made me think that “Impossible is NOTHING” Guys do NOT give
    up! Move Foward and try your best to get your goal! For me my goal is going
    to be Funniest Person and Gaming youtuber. I am not going to give up and
    you guys never ever give up. Believe your self like this AWESOME person in
    this video! Go watch it and please like it. I actually cried from this
    video and I learned a lots from this video. Thank you Arthur and I’ll keep
    cheer you from bottom of my heart. Thank you! 

  16. Rashmi Pahuja says:

    #inspiration #humanity #neversayyoucant

    Note to self : There isnt anything you cant do as long as you keep at it
    with dedication.

  17. Artem Mirza says:

    boy ohh boy….I really glad for you!Also you can belive or not, but our
    storry is really semiualre.

  18. Jaya Chela Drolma says:

    If you have not already seen this…. its a ‘wow’ film! NEVER EVER give
    up! NEVER !!!

  19. Shawn Smith says:

    What song is this? 

  20. Kate T says:

    You have no idea how many lives you have inspired across the world
    Arthur.Bless you and your spirit and determination.

  21. Nick Piers says:

    +William B

    For some reason, I can’t reply to you directly, but in response to asking
    how Arthur could be in the workout videos: DDP did another series of videos
    before the current ones. There were only three videos, then: a beginner, an
    intermediate, and an advanced. I belive those are the ones Arthur used.

  22. надежда лоскутова says:

    Артур Бурман вернулся с войны в Персидском заливе инвалидом. Приговор
    врачей был однозначен — ходить сам он уже не сможет, только костыли или
    коляска. 15 лет Артур верил этим словам, пока не встретил статью человека (, которая вселила в него надежду на то, что и
    невозможное возможно, если этого очень сильно хочешь. Год тренировок,
    бесчисленное число падений и невероятные упорство и настойчивость в
    достижении желанной цели — и перед нами совсем другой Артур — подвижный,
    энергичный, вдохновляющий.

  23. Bikram Yoga Downtown Hartford says:

    Incredible story of transformation and triumph to get you charged up for
    your Tuesday afternoon! An oldie but a definite goodie – enjoy! #getinspired
    #empower #transform #BYDH

  24. keasia Lomax says:

    That’s good yes it is 

  25. Armed Society says:

    Totally awesome. However, some yoga/workout poses seem dangerous and
    unhelpful, like the last one when he’s standing on his head. That seems
    super risky and nearly worthless for health improvement.