Yoga Class for complete Beginners | for Weightloss, Flexibility, & Happiness

19 comments on “Yoga Class for complete Beginners | for Weightloss, Flexibility, & Happiness
  1. missdeeva2266 says:

    Another great class! Love what you are attempting to do with your website

  2. Leeloo Gregoriadou says:

    Nice session!
    Thank you!

  3. Veronica Look says:

    Thank you so much for this class and the free classes on your website! x

  4. jamesdean00 says:

    I totally agree another great class. i was not in the mood for a class
    today and that’s when i noticed this is the PERFECT time for a class.
    didn’t kick my butt like last class but did break a sweat. Thanks again

  5. Tiffany Boone says:

    Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

  6. Liquoma says:

    And thank YOU for guiding us! This was one of the most fulfilling yoga
    sessions I’ve ever done! And I started yoga seven years ago. 

  7. Daily Chakra says:

    great class! i really needed those spinal twists and didn’t even realize it!
    keep sharing, brother.

  8. Karen Fowler says:

    Just what I needed – thank you!

  9. Sarah Jackson says:

    Oh wow that was truly enlightening thank you xx

  10. deliavisan says:

    thank u!!

  11. Gayatri Joshi says:

    Awesome! Awesome!!! Awesome. No other words!!! While doing yoga i felt like
    I am meeting Patanjali. Thanks a lot Guru!!!

  12. Nina Bakke says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful guidance and awakening.. Love 

  13. barkha shah says:

    hi Stephen , was looking fr a good beginners class for yoga n got stuck on
    your coz of ur green walls n dat beautiful sriyantra design dats exactly
    same as d one on my desktop… thankyou for showing connections beyond our

  14. Gaby Ferrari says:

    This is the first ever yoga class I’ve seen/took and I just love it! I’ve
    tried the others with other instructors but this one just got me. Your calm
    voice is such a good guide! It makes me forget all the worries and just let
    go. You are an awesome instructor and have such a good sense for yoga.
    Thank you so much for posting this, it changed my life! Greetings from

  15. kerwin bastaldo says:

    Greetings Stephen, I’m actually quite new to your program and now addicted
    I have tried various types of yoga in the past and yes I experienced the
    benefits that was given however, I still felt a void until I came across
    this!!! and was blown away by the calming balanced humble
    energy in which takes me to a different place every time i’m on the mat.
    I’m now on my second month of consistent daily and nightly practice under
    your guidance. I wanted to know if you do any teacher training programs I
    would love to get any info if possible…. OneLove, Kerwin

  16. Natalie Manqui says:

    Dearest Stephen: Thank you so much for this video!! I hadn’t done Yoga for
    a LONG time, and want to come back to it. I live in Chile, on an island
    called Chiloé, and it’s so great to be able to access such a professional
    class this way…!! My final goal is to become a certified yoga teacher, so
    I will definitely be supporting you and your endeavors. Thank you and many

  17. Gabe Wells says:

    Stephen, you are awesome. This yoga class actually made me cry. So I’m
    happy I did it at home. When you said hug your knees and imagine your knees
    are someone in your life that you love. I imagined my 3 year old son. Then
    when you said that is how it feels to be loved by you. Love yourself like
    that. I actually broke down. It brought up some childhood memories of not
    feeling loved, which ultimately lead to some personal epiphany that made me
    cry. In a good way though. I usually don’t cry, and it is actually kind of
    tough to admit. I’m not unaware of the love yourself concept, but for some
    reason at that moment, with that analogy, I understood what it would feel
    like if I actually loved myself.

  18. Soniya Mystical says:

    One of the best yoga video I have seen so far..I wanted the real thing..not
    just that actually connects you to yourself, your breath and
    at the same time is a pretty good work out…that does not put strain on
    the body. Awesome!

  19. Dashama says:

    Great video, thank you for your positive energy.

    Blessings and Love,