Hatha Yoga Class | for Weightloss, Flexibility, Happiness | Interesting sequencing

25 comments on “Hatha Yoga Class | for Weightloss, Flexibility, Happiness | Interesting sequencing
  1. Bonnie Chettri says:

    Thank you for a great class :)

  2. JohnnySearch says:

    you are such a good teacher! or guide :) i feel really good. what sorta
    yoga classes do you think would be good for someone who is just starting?
    thank you. courtney

  3. pangmasaki says:

    Thx you so very much. Pls keep up the hard work
    I cannot say good things enough about ur work.
    it is so easy to follow and well instructed. there are lots of efforts and
    time you put in for sure.
    I used to do hatha for 2 hrs each time so may I ask if you do have a plan
    to release 2-hour long video clip.

  4. Cody Chokhman says:

    lovely teacher. coming back for more challenging yet invigorating

  5. Françoise RB says:

    T.Y. a very good class. Sometimes difficult but with practice, we can
    become better. Hope to see you again.

  6. Piotr Piaskowksi says:

    Thank you for taking a time to make this video. I enjoyed . Keep it up.
    cheers :)

  7. Luciane Ferreira says:

    Thank you so much! Amazing class

  8. Ana Aleksic says:

    Thank you for this beautiful class! I enjoyed it very much, and am excited
    to see the other ones! keep it up!

  9. Danielle Kearney says:

    Love it!

  10. Cátia Teixeira says:

    loved doing this class with you. thank you so much for this oportunity! Om

  11. Diana Zhekova says:

    Thank you Stephen, amazing ! I managed to do the poses through relaxation
    rather than “muscling in”, thanks to your guidance. I took my yoga to the
    next level, really really happy. Blessings.

  12. Soulvigilante says:

    I had never before been able to move into the plough so naturally; these
    are great videos. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share these!

  13. Sergio Morago says:

    great class! thank you so much.
    i would like to know if you get that body only with yoga exercises.
    I want to have your body type. thank you

  14. Kaya Yoga Therapy says:

    I love your video! Check out my channel:

  15. Erick Melendez says:

    This is one of the best classes I’ve ever taken so far!!!! I absolutely
    loved it!!! I had a little bit of trouble listening to the video but that’s
    maybe because it’s really noisy outside my place.
    You just gained a member! :) Namaste!

  16. Natalija Aniscenko says:

    Thank you, Stephen so much for this video! Was trying to find smth
    challenging and relaxing at the same time, and found it :) It was a bit too
    short meditating part in the beginning but that might be just because the
    class is just 60 min. Gonna check more videos on your website for sure :)
    And you’ve got very pleasant voice, so the practice is really going in one
    beautiful flow :) Thanks again!

  17. Borderzero Studio Associato says:

    Thank you! I really enjoyed it. Really clear and professional explication.

  18. helena ellison says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  19. LauraRoseS1 says:

    Thank you so much! That was beautiful. <3

  20. Yuxin Zhang says:

    You are very inspiring Stephen to build this free platform for us. It made
    me feel very peaceful, and let me see where my weaknesses lie, just
    beautiful. This might sound over the top, but modern humanity needs this
    pursuit of inner peace desperately. Thank you very much.

  21. cranio chi says:

    Thanks for sharing. Can you do anymore videos on the balances you do, and
    different angles as I can’t see what positions a foot, ankle, elbow needs
    to go. Can you also explain where your weight needs to be felt, so I can
    correct the posture. Many thanks

  22. Mercedes Hernandez says:

    Muy buen video. Gracias.

  23. Federico Paz Miguens says:

    Great class, very interesting sequence. Thanks!

  24. philip vrieni Arguelles says:

    This is one of the best youtube classes I’ve taken. Great work and
    interesting sequence! Thank you :)