Weight Loss Yoga For Beginners. Full Body At Home 1 Hour Workout & Yoga Class

25 comments on “Weight Loss Yoga For Beginners. Full Body At Home 1 Hour Workout & Yoga Class
  1. SJGSpook says:

    I’m in love. (No seriously)

  2. bacon says:

    Wow this is awesome! Erica Vetra is my favourite girl on Psychetruth to
    watch and follow, and I’m really happy to see that you guys actually filmed
    a 1 hour workout with her! 

  3. Dragon King God Gootu says:

    +Stargazer now that’s a fuckin’ woman, my god

  4. ALI ESSA says:

    I’m not gonna lie. Her Feet is Awesome. 

  5. Rose Harmonics II says:

    One hour length video, thanks!

  6. popdiva848 says:

    I’m so happy there is finally a hour long video. I can finally get to the
    “full” yoga experience.

  7. Keyser Söze says:

    Great video!!
    Love your videos Erica!! You have such a fantastic instructional manner.

  8. 636 OC says:

    Namaste Erica! Thank you for this hour long lesson. The pace is perfect for
    me, and thanks for explaining all the poses it’s really helpful to
    understand yoga this way. Normally, I combine 2 lessons, one to warm up and
    the other to begin. Thanks for taking your time to teach us!

  9. Andy Cims says:

    Hey thanks for the video I had a great time doing this one. Just one thing,
    I mean I’m not the most in shape person but I’ve been able to get by on
    pretty much everything I’ve seen for beginning yoga and weight loss yoga
    except for when you did the hero pose and you bent all the way back on your
    elbows and forearms. That came out of nowhere haha! I tried so hard but
    couldn’t do it without it hurting for the life of me lol. But I’ll keep at
    it I guess, what else can you do you know? Anyway thanks again for your
    time, have a good one, cheers!

  10. Syncretic Views says:

    Yay! Erica is back!

    She should get her own channel :)

  11. Ka Jette says:

    I can’t wait to do this tomorrow morning! I’ve been searching high and low
    for a good, long yoga/stretching routine for days in between weight and
    race training. I had just about resigned myself to purchasing overpriced
    dvd’s, but this is perfect! I also really like that it is still possible to
    do this if you are a bigger person or not very flexible. I feel like a lot
    of fitness instructors forget about beginners and people who are starting
    off at plus sizes. Looked at some other stuff on the channel and am
    definitely subscribing! 

  12. Omar Scruggs says:

    when natural beauty meets hard work to be even more beautiful….you get

  13. Shun Y. says:

    OMG Erica your arms are amazing! I would love to know what you do other
    than yoga to form them. Thank you for doing an hour video. It gives me
    something to build on. I have been doing your other videos for a few months
    now and want to complement you on your great tone, pace and instruction. I
    didn’t make it through this entire routine on my 1st try but I will keep at
    it :). My ultimate goal is to tone my arms like yours! Thanks again and
    keep up the good work. 

  14. Juliana Chumak says:

    Thank you so much for uploading this great yoga practice! Could you make
    more long videos in future with Erica? Best wishes 

  15. aussietuff says:

    Another awesome video Erika, thank you sincerely..

  16. TheSerenesky says:

    I am loving this! Erica is also my favourite here on PsycheTruth and was
    looking forward to a new video. I prefer this long workout where everything
    is shown and explained properly. The short ones felt like they were rushed.
    Thumbs up and looking forward to more

  17. dave gilcreast says:

    Erica – you and your workouts are both amazing. I’m almost 60 and done a
    lot of yoga videos and yours are some of my favorites. Fitness has come and
    gone over the years due to health and life issues, so I am not a super yogi
    or anything, just an older dude trying to stay somewhat fit.

    Your hair and your belly button make no difference you are lovely, period.
    One thought, do the exact same video without the prompts just flow through
    the whole workout. Maybe this would be the training one and the other
    strictly workout. Thanks for all your hard work – Namaste

  18. Jessica Cumming says:

    So excited about this video! I always practice for an hour and it’s great
    to be able to do it with just one video. Erica, I was wondering if you’re
    going to be doing this series like some of your others with increasing
    levels of difficulty? I really love parts 2 and 3 of your 20-minute Yoga
    for Weight Loss series and it would be awesome to have some of those more
    challenging poses (or some new ones!) as part of a longer practice. Either
    way, I really enjoyed the video and your new haircut is lovely – I’m a huge
    fan of keeping my hair long too :)

  19. Rachel Hopper says:

    First time i have done yoga and im sure happy that i picked your video… i
    worked out of sunday and my body has been aching but after doing your video
    i feel fresh relaxed and rejuvenated… cant wait to do the next one

  20. Mary Uguz says:

    Wow wow wow. This was an amazing yoga workout. It felt soo good especially
    since it’s been too long since I’ve regularly dedicated myself to yoga. I
    need to keep practicing on how to balance my weight on hands/fingers so
    that my wrists don’t hurt. They were a bit aggravated during my practice,
    but I made sure to take necessary rests. Anyway, I can’t wait for the next
    one. I hope it comes out soon!!

  21. Miz Anne says:

    Weight Loss Yoga For Beginners. Full Body At Home 1 hour yoga workout.
    Also, helps burn tummy fat.

  22. Charlie Wallace says:

    Thank you, Erica! I thoroughly enjoyed this video!

  23. Chris Penwell says:

    This has been my first week of doing the 30 min yoga sessions with Erica.
    Each day I am a bit stronger. Today I did my 2nd one hour class and I made
    it half way. I can see and feel a difference between today and last Sunday.
    My advice to any other beginners; go as long as you can and then WATCH the
    rest of the video so you can see the different poses and tips. Example,
    “Peddle it out”…I had no idea what that was since I was in the pose
    already and didn’t see her. Watching the video several times you can
    understand it more. I LOVE Erica’s style of explaining EVER detail. I’m
    HOOKED. I just got a new mat, extra thick (for my knees) and long. I love
    it. Next purchase will be some yoga workout clothes. I FEEL so much better
    I cannot even begin to tell you. #TeamVetra #YogaForEveryone 

  24. Yanina Molina says:

    omg this was amazing! I feel so relaxed now! Some poses were challenging
    but I made it! :D

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