Home Fat Loss Workout – Exercises to Lose Stomach Fat at Home

25 comments on “Home Fat Loss Workout – Exercises to Lose Stomach Fat at Home
  1. Dalehny Vineisha says:

    How fast will we see the difference if we’ve only got a little bit of fat
    to lose?

  2. Nocturnal9720 says:

    I’m just starting out this work out I’m 17 yo and roughly 16 st. with a
    fair bit of fat around my thighs, belly,face and also embarrass moobs I
    tried this workout but I could only do one set in 3 minutes but I’m gonna
    keep trying till I can at least do three in seven minutes, I just wanted to
    know what other exercises do you recommend for the other parts of the body
    that I listed, thank you :)

  3. Frederik Bek says:

    should i do it a week? And is it even possible?

  4. Stu Wright says:

    like the vid, not the music tho!

  5. Raphael Crespo says:

    The way I’m unfit if I do this exercise at first I’ll feel pain for a
    month. lol 

  6. Vidhya Sagar says:

    Hey Hero,
    Thanks a lot for an amazing video.
    I am thin but have a little tummy.
    Will I get hurt if I do more than 3 times a week? shouldn’t I do 5
    times/week or everyday?
    When I am doing this exercise, I am feeling burning/pain on my sides of my
    waist but not on my tummy? Is it like that or am I doing wrong?
    Your help is highly appreciated.

  7. RIC souROCK says:

    Give some belly fat burning excercise cause this vedio shows about the abs
    making , please give me some link of belly fat burnning excercise to loose
    belly fat … or tell me is this excercise itself will help to loose belly

  8. small4lyf says:

    Can someone help me, I’m 19 years old about 5’5 and weigh 78kg, I’ve got a
    good chunk of belly fat, and moobs. A good helping of fat everywhere
    basically. My main aim is To reduce my stomach, I know I can’t spot reduce
    however I know Working on abs specially targets the core of our bodies.
    However I have heard doing ab workouts don’t burn fat however just build
    the muscle user neath the fat therefore making the gut look even bigger.
    Apart from cardio is this a good way to burn fat?
    I also know about healthy eating and stuff, but atm I’m unemployed so can’t
    really afford to buy good quality healthy food, and not going to lie my
    cooking skills aren’t the best, can someone jus share with me abit of help
    I’d really appreciate it.


  9. NatuyaTetesu says:

    im just a random girl that has been doing this for a week and i have
    already lost 8 lbs. so i want to thank you. though i must admit i yelled “i
    hate you” a lot during this week. but i want to thank you :)

  10. NBK TV says:

    Your title is false it says burn fat but you told us we have to burn fat to
    see abs? Make a vid on burning belly fat first would ya?

  11. InsaneFatLossGuy says:

    OK guys… I am having a lot of comments on the video… I do not have time
    to respond all…its like thousands emails every week, I approve only few
    and less to respond, since I have a lot of stuff to do and workout :-) So
    please forgive me, here is my answer to a lot of you for once… you asked
    about if this alone works or if you need a diet to follow, or what foods to
    eat. Please any healthy meal plan will do. BUt after couple weeks of
    research I decided to post video of my friend Brian, who developed the 3
    week diet — 3 Week Diet Review – The Fastest Way To Lose Weight In 3
    Weeks – How Does It Work? that stuff works and with this crazy exercises or
    my program at http://homefatlossworkout.com you will not need anything
    else. Because it really works…I get a lof of comments how just the
    exercises helped, but with Brians 3 week diet, you will change. So stop
    whining and do something for yourself. You either want it or not. I just do
    not have the time to answer to all….

  12. Bradley Moore says:

    Im 17 and rarely exercise but wanna start doing this. How many reps would
    you recommend for me/ seeing as thought im fairly new to workouts and

  13. SuperDoosh96 says:

    I’m a little confused. So does this routine actually target fat loss or is
    it just an ab workout?? 

  14. Eron Bytyqi says:

    Does this video count for kids becouse im a kid and reverse crunch doesn’t
    work for me because everytime my back gets up everytime and i cant put down
    with my hands :( :(

  15. Da Law says:

    Hey Mike I like this channel where you do actual tutorials that work
    extremely well. But the Six Pack Shortcuts channel doesn’t really include
    too much tutorials so I’m just wondering if you could do more tutorial
    videos and upload them to the Six Pack Shortcuts channel. 

  16. colonydude says:

    Hi I’m almost 16 and weigh 195, I do heat a lot of junk and plan on slowing
    down immediately before it gets out of hand. Any suggestions that could
    possibly help with my situation ?

  17. Kevin L. Wafford says:

    For people like me who didn’t no what GL food mean here it is in a nut
    shell. This is my first day of working this 55 yo body back into
    shape…The body fat and my DR warning hunts me every night…..so I’m
    committed to this regimen. GL in a nutshell
    GL stands for Glycaemic Load. It’s a unit of measurement that tells you
    exactly what a particular food will do to your blood sugar. Foods with a
    high GL have a greater effect on your blood sugar, which isn’t desirable.
    Foods with a low GL encourage the body to burn fat, which is what we’re
    aiming for.
    Keeping your blood sugar balanced is the concept at the heart of the low GL
    diet – sustainable weight loss will follow.
    When your blood sugar level increases, the hormone insulin is released into
    the bloodstream to remove the glucose (sugar). Some glucose goes to the
    brain and muscles where it’s used as an energy fuel, but any excess goes to
    the liver where it’s turned into fat and stored, causing you to gain
    weight. Insulin is known as the fat-storing hormone.
    The glycaemic load (GL) is based on the glycaemic index (GI). Put simply,
    the glycaemic index of a food tells you whether the carbohydrate in a food
    is fast or slow releasing (fast is bad, slow is good). What it doesn’t tell
    you is exactly how much of the food is carbohydrate. Glycaemic load on the
    other hand tells you both the type and amount of carbohydrate in the food
    and what that particular carbohydrate does to your blood sugar.

  18. Maher Bappy says:

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    Ive heard some awesome things about it and my buddy got great diet tips
    with it. 

  19. abbas motorwala says:

    I want to loose fat of my face , and double chin cheeks , can you please
    help me out, 

  20. ZoOmediN says:

    Hi! Have you considered – Lozillan Fast Flat Abs – (look it up on google )?
    I’ve heard some pretty good things about it and people are getting fast Six
    Pack Abs with it.

  21. franki rodriguez says:

    This is perfect it’s working excellent for me it’s killer thanks.

  22. Aravind Kumaran says:

    every time i do crunches or sit ups or anythings like that, my lower bone
    just kills and i stop instantly because it hits the ground every time i go
    back down…. if anyone could help i wold be grateful, thanks

  23. Temary Baltazar says:

    I’m here for the hot guy am I alone 

  24. mohit jangid says:

    These exercises have proved really helpful for me. Thanks :)

  25. venkatesh kumar says:

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    opinion. Have you ever tried – Lantslay Bigger Man Domination (search on
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