Yoga for Bootylicious Buns & Lean Legs- BeFit Yoga (Rainbeau Mars)

25 comments on “Yoga for Bootylicious Buns & Lean Legs- BeFit Yoga (Rainbeau Mars)
  1. CC says:

    great moves

  2. Hanna Timberland says:

    This is pretty hard!

  3. alissa larzen says:

    This is such a great meditation workout for the early morning. Nothing
    eases the morning workday than some good stretching when you roll out of

  4. rainbeau mars says:

    i love reading all your comments. thank you for tuning in. Please feel free
    to ask me any questions you might have. Best, Rainbeau

  5. Angela Eve greeneyewatch says:

    That was prefect as usual! those moves are in your Ra’yoka DVD am I
    correct? Your the best!!

  6. Мария Костина says:

    Rainbeau, your workout is the best at the Be Fit!* You’re still the most
    inspirational person I have ever watched and listened to! Love you, my
    princess!* Go, girl!

  7. rainbeau mars says:

    Hey – I did shoot them all to be at least 10 minutes… try the Yoga for
    Beauty which is at least that…. but if you want more… we of course have
    more… Many long downloads of videos.Thanks for trying and Best. R

  8. rainbeau mars says:

    Ahhh… Thanks!!!

  9. rainbeau mars says:

    Nice answer to the below comment. how hard…or how intelligently. :)

  10. Anabel Moreno says:

    hola Betfit me encantan sus videos pero yo soy mexicana y me encantaría
    escucharlos en español :( gracias

  11. rainbeau mars says:

    AHHH… You are one of my favorite virtual supporters ever. THANK YOU.
    Going up. Lets go. :)

  12. rainbeau mars says:

    Thanks! I do my best.

  13. Nicole Diaz says:

    wow who knew you can burn calories while doing Yoga:)

  14. James Reyes says:

    I love her yoga videos. She’s amazing.

  15. Amber Core says:

    Stop. With. The. Spamming already!

  16. SamanthaMorganT says:

    Just discovered this. I love it. Thank you.

  17. Tiffany Maxwell says:

    Is that Caleb from PLL???!??!?

  18. Peyton Johnson says:

    When do i see results? I have stubby legs and im wondering if this can help
    slim them?

  19. suku sam says:

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    body. Just Go And Google Skinnimaker System to bring it out.

  20. Biplab Roy says:

    To people who want to get ripped eventually. Copy And Paste Into Google
    Muscle Maker Method to find out more.

  21. Sandra Maček says:

    Is this safe for someone with varicose veins?

  22. Ravdeep Kaur says:

    does this work

  23. Maykal ATTA-DARKUA says:

    great slow body movement yoga exercises

  24. dresden says:

    Lol, she’s funny when she talks, but srsly, this is a good balance workout!

  25. _natalie fitnesslover says:

    Please someone tell me which are the best long workouts for slimming

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