Weight Loss Yoga Challenge for Beginners

25 comments on “Weight Loss Yoga Challenge for Beginners
  1. imbcom1lol says:

    Fuck this its yoga not fucking push ups

  2. mulletjumper says:

    What they don’t tell you is… this woman used to weigh 840 lbs.

  3. lexiUHMAYZEENG says:

    And it depends on WHERE you’re doing this. The whole time I did this on my
    tile floor with socks I kept thinking “I need a mat.”

  4. KatyNcognito says:

    Yes, that’s very true

  5. ancaOrjen says:

    May I just say that the background music is very distracting and annoying
    as it has nothing to do with creating a peaceful environment. I don’t
    really understand the whole hair in the way thing, either, but maybe she
    just feels more comfortable that way.

  6. Rose NELSON says:

    not true; it strengthen your musles, tighten your core; this is a great
    exercise. the idea is doing the coordination

  7. Kelly Lincoln says:

    Very good. Thanks.

  8. MaggieTheresa says:

    Thank you so much!! I feel a lot better now! Sweaty, but better!

  9. Thenotorious studtimmie says:

    kanye ?

  10. Theresasaurus - Rex says:

    my arms burn after this lol!!!

  11. Laura Rae says:

    Thank you. I am very out of shape from thyroid issues. Amazing how much
    easier it gets each time <3 Feels great to feel stronger.

  12. Danilo Moraes says:

    Oops! Tara, am I supposed to do the exercises for the same length you do
    them in the video?

  13. AREEG MAGDI says:

    i know this is a stupid question but do i do it for the same amount of time
    you do?

  14. CocoLove09 says:

    How many times should we do this routine in one workout to make it

  15. Basic Yoga Positions says:

    Thanks Tara! Yoga can be great for weight loss! As well as for nearly
    everything else:-)!

  16. SolicitorsInEaling says:

    The 3 basic elements you have mentioned really essential for ideal and
    effective weight loss routine. This video is beneficial for the beginners.

  17. momeraths says:

    This is my third day of doing this, and I feel fabulous. It’s amazing that
    it feels quite easy while exercising, but afterwards you can feel in your
    muscles that you’ve worked quite hard. Perfect way to start a new year in
    fitness :)

  18. Sarah Price says:

    I find your routines great for mornings and after a run, nice and calming
    although the muscles are working hard.

  19. Pencho Penchev says:

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  20. Rinku Naagar says:

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  21. Sarah Harris says:

    Love this! I feel so great after this work out :)

  22. werdease says:

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  23. Carolyn Myers says:

    I love to do your yoga routines before I go running to stretch out my
    hammies but girl you should eat a burger or two cuz I can count your ribs .
    . . thats too petite. 

  24. Lauren Schonaerts says:

    Great video! I’m highly motivated to start yoga!! Just one question! I may
    have just zoned out for a second but when you are in plank and you are
    lowering yourself are you rolling your shoulders?

  25. Graham OConnor says:

    I have been using this workout probably since it was originally posted and
    it defo helps for mobility and back condition and whilst I originally tried
    a bit of British humour that said that you say “left leg back right leg
    forward” at 5:13 I would like you to know that for a long time now I remain
    very grateful for your routines! PS Great body and attitude! Cheers