9 Exercises For A Flat Stomach

21 comments on “9 Exercises For A Flat Stomach
  1. shugashuga says:

    I’ve been doing the Russian twists everyday for like 1 1/3 years and I keep
    losing weight!!:) the pounds have been shedding off, but it takes time.
    Thanks so so much for introducing me to this!

    P.S. If you also want to lose weight do the Russian twists until your
    tummy is on fire EVERY night and cut out sodas, then gradually cut out
    other unhealthy things. It works so well! Good luck to whoever reads

  2. WoozworldGoldenSun says:

    I’m very slim but my stomach is not flat, it’s not big but I want it
    totally flat. No abs or anything. In how many time will I see results if I
    do this exercise one/two times a week?

  3. Isabel Mora says:

    it really works

  4. Beyonce Knowles says:

    How many weeks would it take to get a flat tummy if you have a medium sized

  5. Nivedita Kundu says:

    I’m 5’2 and weigh 138 pounds. I have a fat belly.. How many times should I
    do this to get a slim stomach? 

  6. MXGZ - says:

    I did this twice A day and after two days I saw Major results :) i had a
    medium size stomach and now it’s nearly flat, maybe after a few more days
    it will be flat. THIS WORKS GUYS!! MUST TRY IT!

  7. tadji mami says:

    I’m fourteen and I’m starting my first year of highschool in a couple
    months. I weigh almost 160lb I have until may and it is now march 30 I want
    to do this everyday do you think it’ll work?

  8. Daniel Chan says:

    I have a big tummy and tried it today for the first time.. Fuhh.. tiring
    but nice workout.. thank you so much and I will keep going..

  9. Jackie Reyes says:

    This exercise didn’t burn my stomach. It burned my freaking thighs. :((

  10. Rebecca Buttigieg says:

    Is it too late to get a flat stomach for summer now? I started exercising
    in January but then I gave up and I want to start over now but is it too

  11. 卌 SOS says:

    Anyone wanna be my exercise buddy? Someone that’s 11-14 & around 120Ibs??
    I’m 12,
    Cw: 119
    Gw: 95-105 : ))

  12. Omnia Kadorah says:

    I ended up with lower back pain and no effect on my tummy I don’t think I
    used my stomach muscles .. maybe I’m doing it wrong ? 

  13. Amayalove says:

    Dear person that is reading this comment—you’re beautiful the way you
    are. Maybe your doing this to impress yourself or improve your self but
    don’t look at anyone else and try to be like them. I know some people are
    probably looking at pictures saying oh look at here flat stomach I wanna be
    like her. I hope you know that if you were not flawless god would not
    choose you to be on this earth look around even the people that have flaws
    on the outside are flawless in the inside I’m very young like very I’m only
    ten and I just want people to know that your flawless no matter what anyone
    says ❤

  14. Miriam Müller says:

    I’m starting with this workout today and i’ll do it once each day. I’ll
    keep you up with the results every day when i finished it!

  15. Pat Ellis says:

    Thank you for this, there is also a great Flat Abs Forever guide on
    http://ow.ly/Mbn20 that goes perfectly with this video

  16. Isha Bhatti says:
  17. Tatyana Blackman says:

    You look like perrie Edwards

  18. Aimee Ray says:

    Okay so I’ve been doing this workout twice a day and this is my progress so

    Day 1: Did it once, felt the burn. 32″ around my belly button
    Day 2: Did it twice, in the morning and in the evening. 32″ around my belly
    Day 3: Same as day 3, however drank green tea with honey. 31″ around my
    belly button!!!!!!!!!

    Its not a lot but its progress. I’ll keep updated if you want!

  19. Madelyn Leah says:

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  20. princess fulminata says:

    Does it work in 3 months? 

  21. Hello, I'm ιѕαвєℓℓє says:

    Does this workout burn any calories? If so, how much?