Lose Weight In 4 Weeks || Week 1 – Day 1 || Surya Namaskar

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  1. Home Yoga says:

    Legs stretched out on the back, the upper part of your body half raised,
    palms firmly on the floor, you almost resemble a snake. Which #suryanamaskar
    posture are we talking about?
    a.) Adho Mukha #svanasana
    b.) Ashtanga #suryanamaskar
    c.) #bhujangasana

    #clueless ? need some #reference ?

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  2. Kruti Verma says:

    maam these r the grt ways…. for weight loss
    but tell me … about one thing …. that for how long we have to stick to
    one postures… for eg …. if we started with Prayers one… then kitne
    tym tak humme ussi mey rehena hoga … for 5 mins 2 mins ???? or more

  3. Maddison Kemp says:

    You can reduce weight in safety and prevent gaining weight back again if
    you have the right nutrition plan, without having medications, tough

  4. Rajat Thakur says:

    Nicely done the postures but Plz dub your voice from the next time in your
    videos, its too husky/terrible, sunne wali ki tabiyat kharaab ho jaaye.

  5. jasmeet kaur says:

    yur voice seems cracked.. so irritating 

  6. suresh babu says:
  7. Twanta Craig says:

    Lose weight with yoga

  8. Jagriti HSS says:

    Have you experienced Ready Set Ripped? (do a google search for it) It is a
    quick way for you to bulk up fast.

  9. Arush Dudushi says:

    how lose??how kilos

  10. Subhadeep Paul says:

    i am 120kg and last week 50 kg loss only 3month daly Surya Namaskar1hour

  11. babsinjrzy says:

    Thank you soo much for the pace you displayed and great camera work. Your
    voice is as it is. People can be silly and petty. 

  12. fl en says:

    mam the ashvasanchalan pose the left leg initially is parallel to floor, i
    have seen sometimes they keep knees on floor which one is correct??
    how many repitetions can a average young male do

  13. Zohra Zeba says:

    Lose Weight In 4 Weeks || Week 1 – Day 1 || Surya Namaskar

    Want to lose those extra kilos in killer time?
    All it takes is some patience, lots of dedication and a celebrity yoga
    expert for company.
    Celebrity trainer Shammi Gupta brings a 4 week series where she shares a
    bunch of tricks to help you lose weight

    But the fun does not end here!
    Measure your calories & the biggest “loser” of all wins exciting prizes!

    Week 1 Day 1-

    For day 1 Shammi recommends the first 7 postures of surya namaskar

    What is Surya Namaskar?
    Surya Namaskar is a series of 12 yoga postures. The first 7 postures are
    independent & different, while the remaining 5 are repetitions of the first
    5, in reverse order

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  14. tiby70 says:

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  15. Shalu Gupta says:


  16. Alize Morrison says:

    I went from obese to a healthy size 2…. and i’ve kept this weight for
    over a decade, even with so-called “fat genes” If I can do it, you can,

  17. Sathya narayana says:

    Thank you So much Shammi Ji! The narration is Great! Am gonna start doing
    this. .

  18. Poorvi Bharadwaz says: