Weight Loss – Useful Yoga

20 comments on “Weight Loss – Useful Yoga
  1. Naomi Joiner says:

    How often would you do this a week?

  2. Shannon Kelly says:

    I’ve just done this. What a work out!:-). So glad to see this collection of
    videos. Thank you x

  3. juliembt says:

    It didn’t expect it to be challenging (as I’ve never found yoga
    challenging) but it was! Amazing though. You won a new subscriber!

  4. Erica Russell says:

    Thank you for this!!! 

  5. Erica Russell says:

    Wonderful!! I’m excited for Friday!!

  6. Johanna Luna says:

    I plan on starting this tomorrow…but it’s so fast and I am a beginner
    …like in every sense of the word!!still going for it tho :)!!

  7. Lila K. says:

    good workout.

  8. Melissa Pierce says:

    this was great, i’ll be looking for more! :)

  9. Julie Cayer says:

    like this one

  10. Julie Cayer says:

    Ys I’m also glad theses video

  11. Christy Wei says:

    Very effective yoga! Easily practice the parts I don’t normally practice in
    the gym! Got sweating after 5 minutes for the first time. Will practice
    this again when I am not going to the gym!

  12. Animalia says:

    Thank you!!!, this pushed me in a really good way =>.< =

  13. mikaila holland says:

    absolutley LOVE this video, it really feels good after and my goal is to do
    this every day during the week…..B.T.W ur accent is AWESOME!!!

  14. The86Campbell says:

    This was really nice for me since I am not able to do intense workouts.
    This still gets my heart rate up a bit and works the muscles. It was a bit
    challenging since I am new to some terms and it was moving quickly (since
    it was for weight loss) but by mid session I got the hand of everything.
    I’m sure each time I do this it will just keep getting easier. Thanks!

  15. Alli Law says:

    This is by far one of my very favorite flows ever!

  16. JISSELLE VIDES says:

    I absolutely love doing this workout. I feel so relaxed, calm and weirdly
    energized after each time I do it. I love your video Steffy! Please keep
    them coming, I do them everyday!!!

  17. Melissa Stampe says:

    I just wish your videos had background music!

  18. Jan Markus kähara says:

    Thanks for being good yoga master! :)