Day 1 – 30-Day Yoga Challenge – Let’s Get Started!

24 comments on “Day 1 – 30-Day Yoga Challenge – Let’s Get Started!
  1. Rivka Kawano says:

    This was a wonderful practice. I love the power of choice that you focus
    on, and feeling your body. Just signed up for the 30 day challenge! :-)

  2. Mika Terry says:

    Great session, so happy to find a full challenge and an awesome, clear
    video with a very detailed and inspirational instructor. Thanks.

  3. Gabi8978 says:

    Should I warm up before this?

  4. THERESA CYRUS says:

    Just began Day 1: I feel great already and anticipate tomorrow!

  5. Screaming PHOENIX says:

    I’m just not flexible at all.

  6. Kortlynn Tucker says:

    I know this is random, but . . . doesn’t she look like Thor’s girlfriend?

  7. Raven Parham says:

    In truth, this is my SECOND try at this. I made it about half way last
    time, then time and life got in the way. This time, I’m hoping to get all
    the way through and eventually have yoga be a standard practice! *fingers
    crossed* Good news is, since I’m familiar with some of the poses by name
    already, I can work without pausing to figure out when the pose looks like.
    Yay! Side note: Good luck to everyone else trying this out, whether it is
    the first, fifth, or tenth time! :)

  8. Dashama says:

    Aloha my Friend,
    Great video! I really appreciate to see your videos and am happy to see
    them helping people live a happier healthier life. Thank you and keep up
    the great work!
    I have many yoga, meditation and health videos on my channel if you want to
    check them out. Feel free to subscribe and leave a comment to let me know
    any video requests you can think of and I will try to make videos to
    respond to your request.

    Keep up the greatness!
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Blessings and Namaste,

  9. Lylie says:

    Doing this is so relaxing and really helps with my flexibility (being a
    gymnast and all it’s great) I didn’t even realize how flexible I actually
    am until I started doing yoga!

  10. Hettie Grace says:

    Is it bad I feel tingling in my lower legs when I have my legs crossed like

  11. lollopisemis says:

    I immediately got discouraged when I realised I’m as flexible as a piece of

  12. KJ Lumby says:

    I have practiced yoga on and off for 10 years. I am on a mission to detox
    my mind, body and soul from all the negative crap it has gone through over
    the past 5 months. Day 1 of yoga and I feel better already. Thanks Erin
    Free Yoga Rocks!! :)

  13. Joyce Mealey says:

    I am excited to do your challenge. Just finished Adrianne’s. Took a break
    (maybe too long) from yoga and man my body is stiff. 

  14. Debbie mcclain says:

    Our group have been doing your 30 day challenge but I fell behind. Is there
    a way to start over and do the 30 days over?

  15. Margarita Alvarez says:

    Thank you!

  16. Melanie Flink says:

    I put on this video and started right away. I’m gonna do this challenge. I
    don’t know anything about yoga but it seems fun and I want to get a little
    more active. Atm I’m stressed with finals and maybe this will help me
    stress less. I also found out I’m still a little flexible (used to be so
    flexible when I was younger) Thank you for this video

  17. Gabriela Alves says:

    Im having a hard time doing the down dog :( My wrists hurt so bad everytime
    I do it. But Ill just keep trying!

  18. Miriam Caldwell says:

    I’m so excited to get started!

  19. Sivaprasad Paliyath says:


  20. Marta E. Figueroa says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  21. Laquishawoods Woodslaquisha says:

    How long does this yoga workout take to get flexible

  22. Darcy McCutchen says:

    I have a bad wrist, and can not do many of the positions in this video,
    because of my wrist being too weak to support me. Are there any routines I
    can do that will not put too much strain on my wrist? 

  23. GiGi Sntgo says:

    Im so excited to get into yoga! Great video, also love the fact that there
    is a 30 day challenge that I can follow with! 

  24. Yoga M says:

    Hi, I like your videos. Now the suggestion. Doing any pigeon posture at the
    beginning of a sequence isn’t a good idea. One needs to be warmed up first.
    For people just getting started in yoga please warm up first. Get some
    blood flow, warm up the muscle tissue. Have a good one. Great Job Erin