Detox Yoga | 20 Minute Yoga Flow for Detox and Digestion

24 comments on “Detox Yoga | 20 Minute Yoga Flow for Detox and Digestion
  1. Lydia Brambila says:

    There’s so much joy in this! I love it.

  2. Jordan Mason says:

    I did this workout as a nice quick pick- me- up and I felt nice and relaxed
    afterward. the real kicker was the next day, though. My butt was so sore!
    Loved this workout and look forward to trying more :)

  3. Goat Gruff says:

    Y’know…. I don’t want to knock Yoga, I did it for years and it felt good.
    Then one day, I did a load of random stretching and felt really good. The
    next day, same thing; lots of random pushing, pulling and stretching.
    basically whatever felt nice. I did this for a fortnight and it did
    something Yoga never could…. I felt content, tuned and ready for the
    world but there’s something else… it was happiness. I do 30 mins of
    random happy stretching now, everyday. I get the bodily calm but also a
    natural, bouncy and free sense of level happiness.
    I thought I’d share this alternative way of getting healthy and happy!
    Not a penny spent either.

  4. lauwer says:

    HA! Found myself ‘waving at the river’, in my small room. That’s why I like
    your practices because they have little quirks and *winks*. Thanks so much
    for all the videos, greetings from The Netherlands!

  5. Scottie Corley says:

    Which park?

  6. Tracy McDermott says:

    these videos are so well filmed and put together and I did the 30 day
    challenge after a rib injury and yoga is great and free…..Namaste

  7. the honeysuckle rose (thehoneysucklerose) says:

    This video is wonderful! :) Love the setting and the calming voice over. I
    really needed something like this when I woke up this morning. After
    completing your 30 days of Yoga challenge, I feel like my body craves yoga
    now. Thank you for all that you do!

  8. Jeffrey Russell says:

    I’ve been playing rugby for years. My teammates make fun of me but yoga is
    a great compliment to my training routine. I look forward to putting on a
    yoga with Adrienne video in the mornings. I makes me feel so much better
    after practice and games. This video is particularly good for managing
    pain. Thanks for your hard work! You’re making people happy. Pretty

  9. Leah McIntyre says:

    Adriene! I just wanted to let you know that I love your videos and do them
    every day! I switch between this one, the digestion flow, and the butt &
    thighs video! I discovered you and did the 30 days of yoga and loved it and
    have stuck with you since! Thanks for everything, you rock!
    I was wondering if you could suggest what other videos I may like if I love
    vinyasa flow based off of the ones i do regularly :)
    Namaste <3

  10. Nicole McNeill says:

    thanks…I sweat and easy..beginner.

  11. Bronte Borter says:

    Hi Adriene! I am loving your videos more and more! It’s incredible how far
    I’ve come on this journey so far! Thank you for your support and guidance!

    I do have a concern about shoulder pain when transitioning into full body
    twists. When I reach my hand up, I feel a tightness in my shoulder and it
    sometimes carries into my neck. Is is just that my shoulders are tight and
    I should continue the twist practice? Or maybe I’m not doing it right?
    Any suggestions and things to be mindful of while I’m practicing would be
    great! ~ Namaste

  12. Rebecca Swanson says:

    Great video that definitely makes me feel good! I also like the format with
    the music and voiceover. Thanks, Adriene!

  13. Princesita Mora. says:

    20 minutos de Yoga

  14. Manuela Correa says:

    Love it !!!

  15. Adrianna Markowitz says:

    This one put me to work! Love your videos! I have been looking for a while
    a finally found your channel. I have UC and arthritis and back pain and
    this has been helping a lot!!! Thank you doll!

  16. Charlotte Alvord says:

    I love your videos Adriene. You explain each posture so thoroughly without
    having to stop the flow. You are one of the best instructors I have ever
    experienced, and I have been practicing yoga for the last 13 years. Thank
    you for being so awesome!! I am so glad that I found you!

  17. David Gutierrez says:

    Hey Adriene, I’ve been doing yoga a little on and off for a year or so. I’m
    wanting to get back into the swing of things and improve my mobility. I
    mainly do powerlifting training, and in my training sessions I’m accustomed
    to moving the weights fast and with explosiveness. Because of this, I could
    never bring myself to liking the slower, longer yoga videos that I’ve tried
    doing in the past. My question is, can doing videos such as this one and
    your freedom flow help me improve mobility without having to stay in
    positions for too long, and have more fun with the quicker pace? Thanks in

  18. Emilee O'Leary says:

    Love this video! Only downside is I have it memorized now so I don’t need
    to watch it. Back to repeating 30 days of yoga…. :D

  19. michael koch says:

    voice during yoga was perfect:soothing and calm. Could you edit it so there
    are some minutes of silence during shivassana? Getting thrown right into
    regular speaking voice is unsettling

  20. Stephanie Moore says:

    Thoroughly detoxed; thank you eternally Adriene. x x 

  21. Amy Chee says:

    this is my favorite, along with your freedom flow. always makes me feel
    great. thanks Adriene.

  22. Jennifer Lynn says:

    This is my favourite video, it’s one of my regular routines. Wish you would
    do more flow videos like this Adrienne x

  23. francesca palmas says:

    Adriene I need your help. How is it possible that every time I do a yoga
    detox routine, then I have a bad stomachache all day long? I know I need
    tre detox my body, as I have skin diseases.

  24. Carla Martins says:

    This was a great sequence!!! So relaxing and energizing at the same time.
    Thank you!