Weight Loss & Detox Yoga Meltdown For Beginners – 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout

25 comments on “Weight Loss & Detox Yoga Meltdown For Beginners – 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout
  1. withyou78 says:

    How tall r u

  2. Michelle Webster says:

    wow this is good, looking to shed 15lbs.

  3. Raquel H says:

    About a year ago I started a diet and lost 25-30 pounds. I gained a few
    back so I just want to maintain my weight loss and lose the few pounds I

  4. james smith says:

    what is the name of the music that sounds as a bliss in the back ground?
    I would go in to her group just to please my eyes <3 

  5. Sherile Graham says:

    Hi Courtney i really enjoy the fat burning workout, i want to lose 20 

  6. Jennifer Darling says:

    60, lost 45 so far

  7. Tina Hagar says:

    I have been practising the yoga videos for 7 days now via LIFT. I have seen
    progress already with improved flexibility and balance. I do struggle with
    poses such as downward facing dog as the palms of my hands hurt. Can you
    help with this? Also I have 28KG of weight to lose. 

  8. Brooklynne Michelle says:

    When is the best time to do this morning? night? before eating? after?

    I’m trying to lost 25kg which is about 55 lbs

  9. Shannon Tess Kreisheimer says:

    I’d like to lose 10-15 pounds! I have been doing your videos every a long
    with a low carb diet, and a long walk or bike ride everyday. I dropped two
    pounds and I already feel lighter, more confident, and more energized!

  10. Crystal Vanleeuwen says:

    Want to lose 60 lbs

  11. Megan Cavanagh says:

    I’ve been out of the yoga practice for two years. I fell in love, got fat
    and happy. My new baby is two months old, and now I’m REALLY fat and happy.
    When I did yoga classes two days a week I was 135 lbs, 5″7. Now I’m 175
    lbs, still 5″7, lol. I’m slipping back into the practice slowly, spending
    this first week regaining flexibility. I am so glad I’ve found these
    videos! I plan to start including the weight loss practice within the week
    and my goal is to loose 20 lbs by April. I have never actively tried to
    loose weight before, is that a reasonable goal?

  12. Tranae Alexander says:

    20 how’s everybody doing so far?

  13. Sophia Yurina says:

    Thank you for your beautiful flowing yoga exercise. You voice is very
    soothing. It Brings feeling of OM

  14. Maritza Saavedra Sepúlveda says:

    this whole practice has been hard for me, since the fire breath (I
    hyperventilate) trough facing dog till stretching my side body ahah, anyway
    I´ll keep practising, I hope with time i´ll be doing it right

  15. Suman Pai says:

    HI Courtney, just started doing the fire breath. I have been doing your
    weight loss yoga regularly (the 3 videos) and lost 4 kgs in 2 months. Just
    two more kgs to go to reach my target. Would like to know if the fire
    breath can be practiced everyday. Thanks!

  16. ChristmasElf69 says:

    105 lbs….An impossible figure.

  17. Sally Bradham says:

    Trying to lose 15 lbs, just in stomach. How long do I need to do this – 4
    or 6 months to lose 15?

  18. Helen Wright says:

    Your explained and demonstrated fire breath really well. I understand it a
    lot better now.

  19. Zurita Rubin de Celis Carla Sofia says:

    Hello, Im Carla from Bolivia (South America), i love your videos!. Thank
    you for uploading them. im trying to lose 35 pounds but in 90 days for a
    surgery im gonna have! :(

  20. Lungsy saengsawong says:

    i want to loose 10 lbs in 6 – 12 months.

  21. beedani28 says:

    At most 15-20 pounds of fat

  22. Evidim Dim says:

    I don’t focus that much on weightloss, i would be more interesting in
    tighten up my body…is yoga a good solution?

  23. MADHAV MEHRA says:

    want to lose 18 kgs as a whole .. how much time will it take ? i am an
    indian girl with 5’5 height

  24. Angela Lightcap says:

    I have to loose 50 pounds

  25. Corinne Lopez says:

    I want to lose 8 pounds. It would be nice if I could lose only the fat in
    my belly and my thighs, but I know it doesn’t work like that. The weight
    loss always comes off my upper body and I look weird. No hate comments,
    this picture of me is from 3 years ago when I was in much better shape!