Day 1 – Ease Into It – 30 Days of Yoga

24 comments on “Day 1 – Ease Into It – 30 Days of Yoga
  1. Yoga With Adriene says:

    Begin now with me! Or whenever you are ready! Sign up for the journey with
    me at 

  2. Kyle S. says:

    Wish I was up to this. Depression sucks.

  3. Janice Eakin says:

    Why not! I am in. That was a very nice first day. I am 49 and when ever a
    take a break in my practice its harder to start. This was a nice first day
    back feels good.

  4. Stevie Blaine says:

    Caught onto this alittle late, but day one for me is DONE!

  5. Mika Terry says:

    This challenge with Adriene is very nice. #yoga 

  6. cluckymac says:

    I have recently been diagnosed with degenerative dics disease, I also have
    a trapped nerve down my left leg that has been agony for over a year now, I
    have been on hard painkillers for that amount of time too, and have been
    put on the waiting list for surgery to correct the trapped nerve. Through a
    lot of research I had an ‘Ah ha’ moment and I decided that yoga and diet
    have got to be the medicine to correct this. I started 3 weeks ago with
    your yoga for lower back pain video, and it has been amazing! I already
    feel the benefits, my pain has lessened – I can’t believe it! For the
    first time ever, I know I am really listening to my body, and with your
    guidance I am not pushing it to do everything that you’re showing, but only
    the things that feel right. I live in a fairly rural place on the west
    coast of Scotland, we have no yoga classes – but I really feel like I’m
    getting a one on one session with an extremely knowledgable and talented
    lady. Thank you so so much Adriene! 

  7. sakshi agarwal says:

    Starting today!!!!!! Day 1 complete

  8. Starla822 says:

    Day one is done. I’m late to the party but I didn’t make it a priority to
    start this. I made the time now and getting up a bit earlier in the morning
    was worth it. I feel wonderful. Can’t wait till tomorrow

  9. Jessica Shusser says:

    Olá não sei se vai entender meu comentários , sou de Brasil , e estou
    acompanhado seus vídeos , eu estava muito sedentária e engordando bastante
    , resolvi fazer exercicios como esteira e dança aeróbica e estava
    acompanhando o canal do fitness blender pra musculação , vejo resultado ,
    porém meu corpo estava muito doloroso, estava com muita dor nas pernas
    pescoço e costas até caimbras nos braços , e quando comecei a acompanhar
    seu canal mesmo nao entendo sua línguagem , eu fui seguindo o que vc faz e
    ao finalizar parece que estou nova em folha pronta pra outra rs , então
    queria agradecer por compartilhar isso , e um grande abraço de uma amiga do
    brasil , beijos ! 

  10. Deby Coles says:

    Oh dear, this is day 1? It was already far too advanced for me. I’m too
    old and stiff and can’t sit cross legged. If I bend over I feel ill. I
    had to lie down for 15 minutes after this and then still vomited when I got
    up :-(
    Is there something much simpler I could follow?

  11. plateful of plants says:

    I lost my yoga virginity today. It was painful at times. It sure looks
    easier than it really is, but in the end I felt so peaceful, light and…
    sleepy? I don’t know, I think it kinda slowed down my heart rate. Goodnight.
    Will continue tomorrow.

  12. Monica Madison says:

    *Since starting work I have been feeling a little sore and my muscles have
    been shortening*

    As most of you know, I work in a mental health facility which does mean we
    sometimes restrain people but more than that, we run to medical codes and
    help morbidly obese elderly people change their depends and take showers.
    On top of all that, there’s the stress of the job, which takes a
    significant physical toll. I am no longer 20 something and can get away
    with walking around all tense, misaligned and sore. I feel it now like I
    never did before.

    I did one of her videos for beginners yesterday and then did this 30 days
    of yoga, day 2 today. I’m resolving to do the 30 days and make it a normal
    part of my morning. I’m also resolving to drink at least 40oz of water a
    day. And while I know that’s not enough for what I undoubtedly sweat out,
    it’s significantly more than I currently drink, which is a huge part of how
    I feel physically.

  13. LORD E says:

    I did the whole thing, im still a little shaky, thank you beautiful Adriene

  14. James Santé says:

    yoga is crazy; feels amazing… stoked for day 2!

  15. Angelika B says:

    Hi Adriene! Any chance for a shorter 10-15 mins beginners videos? I’m
    struggling to find motivation for long videos…Maybe you could also give
    us some tips on motivation for practice at home? Namaste!

  16. jessicanicole says:

    I haven’t done any sort of yoga in over a year and this felt great! I admit
    I was shaking at times but it was so nice to relax and get back into doing
    yoga! Thanks so much for making these!

  17. Penny D says:

    Day 1 complete. :) I am a HIIT enthusiast so plan to do this every other
    day however after doing day 1 this morning I already feel SO calm which is
    very difficult for me to find/do as I get really bad anxiety.
    Thank you Adriene. I LOVE you approach to yoga, calm, well explained but
    with a little humour. I find other yoga instructors can be
    patronising/intimidating sometimes.

  18. Kerjesku K says:

    I realized today I have really bad back flexibility, and the move where we
    put our arms behind our back was quite difficult Dx also realized how short
    my breath is Dx

  19. Jesus Christ says:

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    your life with eyes closed. I don’t understand why this doesn’t bother you.

  20. Zade Wins says:

    Thanks (: How should I time my breakfast after the Yoga session ?

  21. Lindsey Schwarz says:

    Round 2 starts today! Thanks so much Adriene!!

  22. Mechteld Schiphorst says:

    Hai there Adrien,

    First of all.. Thanks so much for the amazing yoga videos. I used to do
    yoga but I sort of lost track of my inner yogi for a while and your
    enthusiasm for me right back on track :))
    I have a request. My kidneys are not all that and from time to time they
    hurt. I used to do a yoga session which relieved kidney pain.. I think it
    stimulates the nerve tracks (is that proper English?) from the kidney
    throughout the body. There was a lot of leg stretching involved.
    But unfortunately this was a while ago and I can’t really recall the
    Do you know anything about this? And would it be possible to do a ‘health
    boost’ sequence? I would dig it :)
    It worked wonders!


  23. Kimberly Price says:

    Amazing! this was a great way to start my wedding day <3 i love you!

  24. Pamie Ho says:

    Day 1 DONE! can’t wait for tomorrow… I’m so happy I found you Adriene,
    practice yoga has been one of my goals for many years and now that I
    started there’s no way I can stop! after trying yoga for complete beginners
    I decided to start #30daysofyoga
    LOVE, Pamela