Yoga for Weight Loss – Balance Practice

25 comments on “Yoga for Weight Loss – Balance Practice
  1. Yoga With Adriene says:

    NEW VIDEO! Getting into shape can be fun and cultivate a spirit and
    awareness that makes you feel GOOD. 

  2. Martine Braset says:

    Hi, I enjoy your videos very much and after following you since January I
    have noticed major changes to my body and mind set.
    As I am trying to loose those extra pounds before summer I have started
    running (more intervals than just running) and was wondering if you had any
    tips in how to strengthen the knees as I have experienced some knee pain
    after running.

    But anyway thanks for sharing your videos and keep on the good work :) 

  3. Madison Brielle says:

    Adriene would you ever try SUP Yoga?

  4. haha931268 says:

    Hi Adriene, thank you SO much for your videos. Im currently on they six –
    just discovered this vlog and I love it, I love the time on the mat, makes
    me feel I have control. Also, I love Benji, he is the cutest ball of fur, I
    wanted to ask you about a Doga video, its kinda crazy but my dog is always
    getting on my mat and it would be nice to incorporate her, I always try to
    in other parts of my life, so why not ask. thanks so much

  5. Roxanna Gonzales says:

    My 11 year old twins have started doing yoga with you every morning and
    every night. It’s only been a week now but they love it! I guess I need
    to join in.

  6. Patricia Flores says:

    Thanks Adriene! I’ve added it to my ‘watch later’ list. Woo hoo … can’t
    wait! Have a beautiful day. Namaste XO

  7. Designed Health and Fitness says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your videos. I am new to yoga
    and decided to try it out. I am a bodybuilding competitor and my weakness
    has always been my flexibility. I completely under-estimated the
    effectiveness and necessity of yoga as part of my fitness program. Not
    only does yoga help with my flexibility issues, it is also increasing my
    strength, which I didn’t think I had an issue since I lift heavy
    weights (Boy, was wrong! LOL!). Thank you for sharing your knowledge. :-)

  8. JoSePh GeRrIoR says:

    Absolutely awsome session! Im new into yogo but everytime i do it, it makes
    my day that much better and my body thanks me for it! So i wanted to take a
    moment and thankyou for putting up these awsome videos!

  9. Zharir Mustafa says:

    Absolutely fantastic sequence……getting better and better every time!!
    Well done!!

  10. Esther Crosbie says:

    I really enjoyed this video. It was challenging, but fun. Sure did make me

  11. Anett Bródi says:

    Thanks for your videos. Adriene, you are fantastic. :)

  12. anaics says:

    Hello Adriane! I recently had a surgery on the lower part of my right foot.
    I feel completely out of shape but i’m not fully recovered yet, so getting
    back into yoga and exercising is pretty hard. I was wondering if you could
    do a series, or just one video with yoga sitting down? Or without putting
    pressure on the feet. I think a video like that would be helpful for a lot
    of people. After one month spent in bed, I feel the need to stretch! Or
    anyone else can help me with a video like that? Thanks!

  13. Kate Swift says:

    Love it! The pace felt nice and gentle but I certainly worked. I thought
    I’d struggle with an hour but it was great. I was interested to notice my
    progress since starting an every day practice. I definitely felt stronger
    throughout. Thanks for such a beautiful, deep sequence.

  14. Emma Conrad says:

    Challenged myself to this on a Saturday because usually I am a sluggish
    mess on weekends and never want to do anything! I’m really proud that I got
    through it. Sweated a whole lot. Thanks Adriene, this was seriously
    awesome. Love love love it!!

  15. Chris DaiLy says:

    ty soo much, after doing this sequence i feel 5lbs lighter ;)

  16. Selina Boatwright says:

    I love love love your videos. I find you so funny and cool. Thank you so
    much for your videos! I wanted to ask you (if you don’t mind), you have
    beautiful and clear skin! how do you maintain it? 

  17. Yinnel Cruz says:

    THANK YOU Adriene! You give me the possibility to nurture my everyday life
    and health every day through your videos. You are awesome GIRL. 

  18. Nhi Lam says:

    i can’t express how much i loved this sequence! i love your positivity and
    encouragement as well :)

  19. alice ayel says:

    Great long practice today!

  20. luine eru says:

    Hey there! Just a question, would yoga be safe for a teenager like me being
    a 16 year-old student? And does yoga excercises help ones breathing seeing
    I also do have weak lungs? Hoping to start on this journey! 

  21. elizabethbennett101 says:

    just recovered from a horrible two week bout with the flu and it felt soooo
    awesome to get back on the mat <3 I adore your videos Adriene they make me
    feel so energized and soothed at the same time ^.^

  22. Alexis Chambers says:

    Hey Adriene, I’m new to your channel (and the practice of yoga) and I
    absolutely love it. As time goes on I definitely want to challenge my
    balance and strength, do you know of any additional channels here on
    YouTube that focuses on more intermediate yoga?

  23. Jane Hack says:

    Namaste, thank you Adriene : )

  24. Oni Bella says:

    When you said, “maybe you’re like girl, uh uh, another day.” I almost fell
    out laughing. Thanks so much for taking the solemness out of Yoga and
    making it a delight to practice. Namaste, girl, Namaste :)

  25. Fatimah Adam says: