The Best Ways to Lose Flabby Arms Without Push-Ups : LIVESTRONG – Fitness with Amber Nimedez

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  1. violetgirl1996 says:

    the best way to “lose” “flabby arms” is to push the breast migration on
    your arms back to your breasts. breast migration occurs due to wearing the
    wrong bra size- cup too small and band too big. therefore, the small cup
    pushes layers of breast tissue past your armpit, down to your back, and
    eventually to your tummy. in worse cases (which is for most older women,
    ive noticed), it even moves to your arms and hips and legs. this is all
    breast tissue. if you don’t believe me, remember that skeptism gets you
    nowhere in life

  2. masterxeon1001 says:

    as a 3d artist who is rigging 3d characters. I found this useful.

  3. Sadhana Kalyanaraman says:

    It’s a good exercise and I like the way you present it !!

  4. Abigail Martinez says:

    How many times a week

  5. jenna nolastname says:

    this was a wonderful workout but is there any for flabby stomachs??????

  6. Susie bear says:

    +Ong Lee I know she’s focusing TOO much on the shoulders wrong areas

  7. Nisha khatri says:

    white bread – blood sugar levels rise – insulin released – stored as
    glycogen – slowly released into ur bloodstream as glucose for energy only
    if ur liver glycogen stores are full then it will be converted to fat

  8. pema jayalath says:

    To anyone who wants to get ripped eventually. Copy and Paste into Google
    Muscle Maker Method to find out more.

  9. serenity150459 says:
  10. Coco Chau says:

    She needs to put her elbows closer to her head when she’s doing her
    overhead extension to really work the triceps. 

  11. Chai Siri says:

    Very nice !

  12. Thotchu Thot says:
  13. Alicia Dagry says:

    Her arms look flabby.

  14. Esther Vincer says:

    Thank you

  15. Ethel Powers says:

    This workout is not for slimming the arms, it’s for toning them.

  16. meridaofdunbroch 1895 says:

    THANKS!!!:) very helpful

  17. Gypsy Gem says:

    Amber I loved your video. I also like your other videos as well and find
    them all very helpful. Please keep inspiring grateful viewers such as
    myself and ignore the ugly comments posted by haters. Remember this, when
    you are beautiful, have a lovely body, and are on the right path to
    success, haters will always try to bring you down to their level. Ignore
    them and keep pressing forward. At least you are off your butt trying to
    be productive and help people. Haters love to criticize, want what you
    have, but are too lazy to pay the prize. God is the source of my strength
    when I encounter haters in my path. I will be keeping you in my prayers.
    Trust God and let Him always be your motivation and inspiration. I
    do–after all, it only takes one light to cast away darkness. So, keep on
    shinning girl, because you are not alone. I, too, am often misjudged for
    being the whole package as you–pretty, intelligent, and productive.
    Blessings. . .

  18. Vimmala Adawan says:
  19. Charise Norshib says:
  20. laura shepherd says:

    I’m tipsy but I swear I’m about to try this! I do have flabby arms and plan
    on ordering a waist trainer, I need someone to talk to lmao 

  21. Donna Anthony says:

    Sharing this on my group in Facebook. Losing Weight Together Forever ( come join if
    you want to be with a group of others who are also trying to lose weight
    for encouragement, recipes, and other information.

  22. Cadi Buck says:

    The Best Ways to Lose Flabby Arms Without Push-Ups : LIVESTRONG –

  23. Kaisa Vallaots says:

    Ill do it everyday morning or evening.
    How many weeks do i have to do this? :D

  24. Kevin Robles says:

    Question does it really works?


    how to loose flabby arms