Morning Weight Loss Yoga in Bed

25 comments on “Morning Weight Loss Yoga in Bed
  1. yogafitnessguru says:

    I’m sorry but rolling around on the bed for 3 minutes is NOT Yoga. That
    just looks like a morning stretch while you wake up. Yoga is exceptional
    for weight loss, I agree with that, but I didn’t train for 2 years to be a
    Yoga teacher to do this!

  2. Batrisyia Irdina says:

    I just realized that I do this every morning .-.

  3. AngelaMichelle says:

    So this will make you lose weight? Along, with eating healthy of course. 

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  6. Mike 1a8a says:

    Your body is great – inspirational – long and lean.

  7. Bertie Blue says:

    Quite possibly the most perfect woman I’ve ever seen.

  8. buzz10buzz says:

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  9. Racz Laci says:

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  10. eung juh says:

    hi plz my gf want to lose butt fat
    can you show us becaus of really you have a skinny body
    maybe she will try your exercices

  11. Pranav Agrawal says:

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  12. Fluffy Shark says:

    i wish i had a bed like that 

  13. Prashant Achhami says:

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  14. Bhim Tamang says:

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  15. Vegas Cyclist says:

    I’m watching this for the yoga information…

  16. Anne Suess says:

    Here’s a nice gentle thing to try in the morning :-)

  17. emīlija buka says:

    I had to watch it a couple of times, because the first times all I could
    think about was: ” Damn she is HOT!” :D

  18. Ferhan Mahmood says:

    I love you…. 

  19. Justy Na says:

    youre way too skinny

  20. Davide Massa says:

    This video has great information, but I am confused about the best diet
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  21. Coach Rollie Workouts - Fat X 101 says:

    That’s a comfortable looking bed! 

  22. Bente van der Meer says:

    woww your leggs ♥♥♥

  23. ramzohh says:


  24. EPIC767 FILMS says:

    Hey, sometimes I do stuff like this in the morning, lol.. too lazy to get
    up but needing exercise anyway, lol

  25. Abdul Razzak Fallaha says:

    Yeah… if you where my wife I’d watch you in the morning doing that and
    then after wards I’d show you the real exercise.