Yoga for Weight Loss Part1

25 comments on “Yoga for Weight Loss Part1
  1. Bobyman64 says:

    Great video and both of yalls feet are beautiful

  2. Dung nguyen tuan says:

    Welcome to join this course. I will update Exercise and video other.

  3. englishdiamond says:

    Love love love!!!! More please

  4. rose191991 says:

    love it!!! thanks for sharing (:

  5. regina shanker says:

    this is great. is this yoga to loss weight? please i’m so desperate to lose
    some weight

  6. Jaslyn Z says:

    Awesome, I love it!

  7. Rosa Jackson says:

    love it, a really workout!

  8. Melissa Morgan says:

    Really great! Best youtube yoga I’ve done so far (I’ve done about 8
    different videos). Awesome workout, a bit too fast at times but it’s just
    an adjustment from what I’m used to. Looking forward to part 2 and 3.

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  13. Habu Svobo says:

    I just started yoga at home few weeks ago..and was sooo surprised that I
    made this one hour with you! It was definitely challenging for me as i am
    in quite bad shape after difficult twin pregnancy, but so great. I feel
    much stronger and flexible! And by the way your comments help really a lot.
    Five stars for this video.thanks

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  15. kisad says:

    By far the best video I tried, I love the way you explain the poses and the
    breathing on each one of them.. Thank you ;) Please do more classes

  16. Bryan I. says:

    Hi, I’m Bryan from Bangkok, Thailand. Do you have 1 hour clip video for
    people who have insomnia? I’m having Insomnia for more than a year. Many
    suggest me about Yoga, but it’s quite difficult here to find Yoga class
    specifically for insomnia or something that’s more relax, they’re all
    advance as I’m very beginner, and once I have joined their class, it makes
    very painful to my muscle for few days and make me awake all night. (even I
    exercise every other day, running 5 km) Thank you,

  17. Bryan I. says:

    I have been following your video every other day for 1 month, now every
    poses here are in my memory right now, today I can do all these all by
    myself. Thanx for great Yoga! ^^

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  25. yogafitnessguru says:

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