Tara Stiles: Yoga Weight Loss & Balance Workout

25 comments on “Tara Stiles: Yoga Weight Loss & Balance Workout
  1. A02786 says:

    I tried this routine 4 months ago when I first started yoga and I couldn’t
    go past 20 minutes. Since then I have been practicing yoga every morning
    and night ( thanks a million to Tara Stiles) and I have successfully
    completed this routine today. I am so grateful to have stumbled across tara
    stiles and thank you for making yoga so accessible to everyone in this
    world ( with internet ;-) )

  2. stephanie tyson says:

    Love this yoga video with Tara Stiles. I always feel so relaxed after this.
    My balance and flexibility improve every time. 

  3. Tasha Yusof says:

    DearTara thanks for this great video! I must say I’ve been doing this video
    every second day for almost a month now and today was my 15th yoga session
    with this video. At first I thought this was impossible but now, since
    change of foods and this video I’ve lost 6kg, gained so much strength and
    balance and flexibility, its simply amazing! I can touch my toes now when
    sitting straight!!! *yay* thank you!

  4. Paula Johnson says:

    That was awesome you guys!!!

  5. Deniz Celestin says:

    Great workout…far too short of a shivasana though.

  6. S Olajide says:

    Great workout… But adverts in the middle of a yoga workout…. not cool!

  7. Jeanne W. Dias says:

    It is impossible to burn fat without risk with out ex­ercise properly and
    manage the food intake. Pi­lls & dru­gs will include dangerous side

  8. Lauren Bloom says:

    I’m such a fan of this routine, but please please pleaseeee take away all
    the ads during the workout. It’s very distracting, especially since it’s a
    yoga video. 

  9. Jennifer Mao says:

    Be warned – this wonderful yoga routine is interrupted twice by very loud
    advertising (today it was for processes mac & cheese…yuk!) Really breaks
    up the flow and concentration. It added annoyance that you might not need
    in your yoga practice. 

  10. Elijah Bromley says:

    +S Olajide There’s a reason “oId schooI” is where it’s at—however, Iet’s be
    crystaI cIear. lt’s damn hard work, and an oId-fashioned work ethic is
    required. You don’t work LONG, but you do work HARD. And don’t
    worry…Becky and l designed the unique 90 minutes per WEEK protocoI to
    work ESPECIALLY for the oIder person. Men and women in their 40s, 50s, 60s,
    and even 70s. //////

  11. Joel Garran says:

    +Elijah Bromley// Good peopIe just Iike you have been misIed & Iied to by
    personaI trainers, magazines, and Iate-night infomerciaIs. You probabIy
    beIieve you have to work out Ionger to get resuIts, when what you REALLY
    need to do is work out SHORTER using a very targeted method of movement.
    :)(; ///

  12. iggys138 says:

    I’m a 40yr old male . I saw my wife doing this and giggled. I have now been
    doing it for 3months. I feel Fantastic. It’s more than i expected. Guys
    don’t think it’s a girly thing. Great workout

  13. Bethan Blake says:

    Take a look at this video on YouTube: 

  14. Francine Whitehorn says:

    I’m 48 and completed this session all but the bend back and my pigeon pose
    is a little tight. At my age will I improve and will I see a change in my
    Really enjoyed the speed of this and hardy had to watch the screen as the
    instructions were clear and concise , thank you I’ll be back.

  15. Payal Parikh says:

    Would love this without the annoying ads popping up twice. Anyway to get
    rid of it?

  16. j.d. Hogg says:

    I find power lifting is much more healthy. Yoga is fine for inactive
    women, but not for active men. just my opine.

  17. Melissa Morgan says:

    Awesome, thank you.

    Is there any way to control when the ads pop-up? I’d deal with a long one
    at the beginning to not have practice interrupted twice by Kohl’s.

  18. Archana Kaur says:

    Hi Tara simply amazing! luv this vid and feel much more flexible, you have
    any more vids posted?

  19. tanvi gautam says:

    hi Tara!! d workout is awesum..but cn i do it in breaks..like doing it for
    15-20 mins on the first day and increase it day by day…i think i won’t be
    able to do it in one go..and one more thing can this workout alone would
    lead to weight loss…pls do reply to my query..pls pls..

  20. Azad Shrestha says:

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    take advantage of it. Go Google Fat Blast Furnace to unlock your full
    weight loss potential.

  21. Tom Morris says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  22. lilijean says:

    Such an easy but powerful flow, perfect for my Sunday morning, thank you!

  23. SuperAccounted says:

    Oh my gosh. My upper back feels amazing. 

  24. Felicia Jones says:

    Check out this video on YouTube: Nice long fat burning flow with Tara

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