Detox & Weight Loss Yoga Workout #4 – 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate

25 comments on “Detox & Weight Loss Yoga Workout #4 – 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate
  1. snedling says:

    Erica Vetra for the next Massage Model, please! :)

  2. Rolando Rays says:

    that cat tho :)))))))

  3. opmdevil says:

    Wow! Such cat! Wow! My favorite!

  4. David Richard says:

    OMG the cat lurve it

  5. itsadaydream says:

    Erika thanks for bring us great yoga workouts, i love them all. Grettings
    from Uruguay. 

  6. texas dude says:

    I find Erica’s instruction informative and clear – even a newb like myself
    understands her step by step directions. As far as the nail polish and
    top, go with whatever floats your boat.

  7. lila l says:

    omg i got so tired and sweaty doing this. worth it though, thank you guys
    so much for all these videos

  8. RedSharkx says:

    Ah, yes the sadly overlooked female ninja turtle.

  9. Giggles Much says:

    i love the matching colors 

  10. 6rockinrobin says:

    Ok, doing this tomorrow, in shaa Allah! (God willing). Let’s talk about
    that outfit, girl! DETAILS, please!! :D Peace from Saudi Arabia.

  11. Sherese Faulkner says:

    I love your vids i do them every morning and sometimes before i go to sleep
    keep up the amazing work!! Love the cat in the background he/she added to
    th yoga flow :)

  12. Damar TheSol says:

    She’s looks very strong and healthy. I bet she can squat some good weights.

  13. TheAudioAndroid says:

    I started doing yoga only three weeks ago and from scouring the Tube, Erica
    you clearly have a much better understanding on how to communicate the
    proper technique to each pose than 99% of all the other people i’ve watched
    so far……You’re Killing me:) in a good way…Those colors look great on
    you, best outfit so far!!..But I like you in blue 2…..PsycheTruth you
    girls are the best..Thank You!!!!!

  14. Zorina Flournoy says:

    I really enjoyed this yoga workout, thanks! And I love your work out outfit
    and the matching nail color is beautiful but I’m probably partial to corals
    and orange because it’s my favorite color!

  15. Kelly Gough says:

    Ladies and gents….any ideas…..I’ve done a number on my foot and I can’t
    bear weight on it (it’s the little tendons that feet into the ball of the
    foot, pretty painful)….are there any videos for yoga on your knees??? I
    tried hitting the link provided below (for the lovely lady looking to
    practice in a wheelchair) but it just redirects me to the above (brilliant
    but not possible at the minute) video with the impossibly brilliant
    Ms.Vetra. Even a suggestion for some asanas I could string together would
    be great… and light x k

  16. Allison Consuegra says:

    Awesome, i’ll do this workout tomorrow. I have one month and 1 week already
    doing Yoga with Erica’s videos, and I’m stronger, and I’m achieving new
    –Asanas–. I’m a dancer, and I had to left the dance for a personal
    reason, and today I found a way to retake a little part of dance, and
    develop more skills.

    Thank you Psychetruth, and thank you Erica Vetra. 

  17. Angela Taylor says:

    Detox & Weight Loss Yoga Workout #4 – 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga

  18. ReviveUK says:

    Love our Erica V vids! keep em rolling :)

  19. Maria Fitzgerald says:

    love the matching nails/sports bra!! i do that kinda of stuff as well.
    great video, never fails to restore & relax my physical and mental health
    after a long week of work & college classes. thank you erica for your
    videos. xoxo from a co-yogi / also zumba instructor!

  20. John Shay says:

    There is no detox, stop throwing around these nonsense buzz words, if you
    believe toxins are in your body you should go to a doctor right away as it
    can be life threatening.

  21. Tiffany Mata says:

    Any tips? I was kind of wobbly for this video I couldn’t keep my balance.

  22. Jaimie Blake says:

    I love the cat in the back u should have her in more videos

  23. Samantha Davis says:

    I like the matching coral and your video was great. Your energy is really
    inviting. Thanks!

  24. lexuswoo says:

    What type of yoga is this? Vinyasa, power, hatha?

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