Restorative Yoga Practice – Stress Release – Weightloss – 30 min of Bliss

25 comments on “Restorative Yoga Practice – Stress Release – Weightloss – 30 min of Bliss
  1. Lisa Goldstein says:

    Lovely, and just what the doctor ordered for a mindful, peaceful holiday
    season, just upon us. Happy Thanksgiving; I’m so grateful for your
    teachings through this gift of YouTube. Wonderful Blessings to you and all
    who read this.

  2. Anita Goa says:

    @yogachloe thank you for sharing this. enjoy the practice, enjoy the
    holiday season. i am so grateful to you and all viewers for tuning in to my
    videos and sharing your time and comments. namaste, a :-)

  3. Anita Goa says:

    @blablblaumtes great! and so good to balance out all of the hard working
    out. thank you for being open to restorative yoga. xo.

  4. melzerr1 says:

    This was fantastic!! Thank you so much!!

  5. Anita Goa says:

    @melzerr1 thank you. so glad you liked it. enjoy. restore and relax, a :-)

  6. Emily Warawa says:

    will yoga every other day help me loose my tiny belly keep me fit and help
    me destress? im really stressed from school right now. is thi sa good one?
    i do dif yoga vid each time…cahnge it up :D

  7. Anita Goa says:

    @emilywarawa yes, this restorative routine is great for dealing with stress
    and releasing stress. you can do it as often as you want/can. doing
    different videos is great. balancing it all out with restorative yoga is a
    great way to stay injury free. thank you for your question. let me know if
    this was helpful. all the best, breathe deeply :-)

  8. James Reyes says:

    I love restorative yoga.

  9. Anita Goa says:

    me too! it is sooo lovely and jillian is amazing. hope you feel relaxed and
    restored after this practice :-)

  10. sarah von Painter says:

    the sound is off like waves of static or something:(

  11. Anita Goa says:

    sorry, the mike got messed up. hopefully you can do it with the volume down
    … i’ll have to invite jillian to come back and do it again.

  12. Gueritadesuiza says:

    But how exactly does this help to lose weight?

  13. Anita Goa says:

    there is a link in the description box below to a video i did with jillian
    explaining how restorative yoga helps with weight loss. check it out and
    you’ll understand more why. all the best :-)

  14. Jenn Siler says:

    I was recommended to do yoga for arthritis. I did Restorative last week and
    it was good but, there are some places I just feel a lot of pain. The
    teacher did come around and help me find a better way to do the poses but,
    I am just wondering what your opinion is?

  15. Jenn Siler says:

    Thank you, I did send her a request on FB and a PM but, never got a reply.

  16. Anita Goa says:

    she teaches and travels a lot so it might take some time to get a reply. i
    will let her know to look out for your message. cheers!

  17. Anita Goa says:

    i just sent her an email and got auto response that she is traveling and
    has limited time with email in july and august.

  18. Donny Day says:

    Hi Jenn – I teach people specifically with chronic pain conditions. Yoga
    definitely helps to manage the symptoms of various forms of arthritis.
    Several studies focusing on the benefits of Iyengar Yoga have been
    conducted showing significant results. Most therapy-based, restorative, and
    hatha styles of yoga can help manage arthritic pain as long as they are
    low-impact, taught safely, and focus on proper movement patterns. email me
    for more:

  19. Kyle Ann Willets says:

    This is such a beautiful practice. If you’re looking for a restorative yoga
    teacher near you this is a great resource –>

  20. Tiffany Hill says:

    Loved it!

  21. Ranee Bryce says:

    Amazing grounding practice! Namaste Anita & Jillian!

  22. Lynn Schriner says:

    Except for static sounds I loved it!

  23. Nawfal Rihani says:

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    and Google Fat Blast Furnace to find out.

  24. karen lee says:

    relaxing thanks

  25. Ilhem Manou says:

    Restorative Yoga Practice – Stress Release – Weig… :