Lose Fat on Face !!! 2 Week Result

25 comments on “Lose Fat on Face !!! 2 Week Result
  1. Joi Layman says:

    my chin feels werid now lool

  2. samia679 says:

    its amazing n workes for me

  3. Kaya M. Banton says:

    how often are you supposed to do it?

  4. xoxPrincessDivaxox says:

    oh god my jaw hurts already. :( hope it’ll work.

  5. Ann Thomas says:

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  6. Ann Thomas says:

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  7. Rosey says:

    for how long are we suppose to do it and how many times a day?

  8. Denise Mornell says:

    i agree how long one a day twice a day we need more info

  9. Kishan nagod says:

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  10. Lorraine I. Minter says:

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  11. philoos1 says:

    It’s all bullshit. People who believe this are ridiculous

  12. Akshay Bhandare says:
  13. Musicanieli Emz says:

    Thank you for this!!! :* I hope It will help me.. Cause I am skinny but has
    round face and chubby chicks :(

  14. srinivas sunkara says:

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  15. Nishadi Darshika says:

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  16. Nimz Tech says:

    This is promising :).

  17. yoshifive says:

    Does this get rid of just neck fat, or all face fat?? My cheeks are fat and
    that’s what I want to get rid of the most :(

  18. mitesha pradhan says:

    super duper neck exercise… i do it every day… thanks for uploading…

  19. Samantha Talbot says:

    No ­one is able for losing fat safely with­out having w­or­kout properly
    and control the food intake. Drugs & pills will include harmful side

  20. Olivia Kenns says:

    Thanks for sharing this video! I can feel the stretch under my chin. I’m
    quite sure that I’ll lose my face fat in no time. Thanks again I really
    appreciate it. I’m 14 now but my face look like 12 :( btw, how often should
    I do this exercise a day?

  21. Flòwers shat says:

    Wow very <3 :) 

  22. vaishali verma says:

    Awsm video dear I was very much afraid of my chubby cheeks but after
    watching your video I got confidence and now I m trying the same as u did
    so thanks to share this video and have a quarry is this will work on double
    chin also although I don’t hv but still its the beginning of double chin so
    plzzz tell me some steps for double chin also I m not getting other’s
    videos for that plzzzz help me sweet :-)

  23. Mega Pijon says:

    Cute pointy nose :P

  24. Ujjal Choudhury says:

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  25. BucklandsP3 says:

    So does it work?