How to Lose Visceral Fat on Your Belly 8-15 Pounds in 10 Days

25 comments on “How to Lose Visceral Fat on Your Belly 8-15 Pounds in 10 Days
  1. Ian R says:

    High Intensity Cardio first thing in the morning? Not very sure about it
    man… 1. Low Intensity Cardio is used first thing in the morning,burns
    more fat than HI.Lower the intensity,higher the percentage of fat used. 2.
    High intensity = Bigger risk of injury 3. Insanely bad for the spinal disc
    if you sprint or do circuit training in the morning

  2. OhMissBrutal says:

    I’ma try it. I’ll give it 10 days exact.

  3. 25sexymel says:

    how did it work out for you?

  4. mafoo17 says:

    he didnt say anything about sprinting. he said doing cardio for 30-45 mins

  5. Ian R says:

    He said “high intensity cardio first thing in the morning”

  6. jaliz2000 says:

    Thank you for this information!

  7. Tommy (Sambo Ronin) Doyle says:

    High intensity cardio in the morning burns muscle for 30-45 mins . that is
    the worst advice ever.

  8. sixshot1 says:

    i like this guy

  9. Uniform Health says:

    considering the intent is to lose fat fast hit early more with a stimulate
    is not a bad idea but you will be duping into some of you muscles storage
    just make sure to yeah a high protein meal after the work out.

  10. Calvin Chen says:

    I agree. The first tip is a bit misleading, while he is correct that you
    will lose fat, you will also lose muscle. Which is what you do NOT want!

  11. Chris Duane says:

    Thanks for the sound advice, Scott. Unfortunately your video has draw
    charlatans selling quick fixes for fun and profit.

  12. Meeks4487 says:

    I think this is solid advice. I have been cycling in the a.m., eating lots
    of broccoli and losing weight steadily.

  13. Kiley Ray says:

    Thanks for the GREAT advice!;)

  14. BallisticBodyFitness says:

    How to Lose Visceral Fat on Your Belly 8-15 Pounds in 10 Days | Video |
    Ballistic Body Fitness

  15. vado arsenal says:

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    it easily using Nifty Fat Blaster (Look it up on google).

  16. Eiss Ksm says:

    How to lose Visceral fat.

  17. easter vin Mano says:

    To regular folks who want to burn pounds–but can’t get started. Copy and
    paste into google Fat Blast Factor right away.

  18. easter vin Mano says:

    To ordinary people who want to lose weight–but can’t get started. Copy And
    paste Into Google Fat Blast Factor right away.

  19. RB Gomes says:

    this is the same tips i have for lose!! very good!! im the morning i use a
    spinning bike i buy second hand for 150€ and do half a hour!! and 2 hour
    before bed another 30m and after this cardio time i drink protein
    shake!! choose good protein is also important! see the labels! Choose
    protein isolate and forget the casein and fat, calories etc. less quimicals
    also the best!!

    the higher the suplement brand and when they have customers on their hand!
    more crap gets the product

    for subcutaneous fat you can lose it with only good diet and litle exercice
    (take more time yes)!! but visceral fat ONLY with high RPM cardio!! so when
    you lose it start good diet forever for never have it again

  20. Duane V Gregory says:

    It is possible to drop 10 pounds within 4 weeks, and stop rebound gaining
    weight by adopt a healthy lifestyle.

  21. shefaligunness says:

    increase protein to prevent muscle loss

  22. Landmax Realty - Sales says:

    How to Lose Visceral Fat on Your Belly 8-15 Pounds in 10 Days

    Great quick tips! 2 minutes!

  23. Shadow Heart says:

    h mentioned some carb replacements… can someone list them so i can buy? i
    am a really novice at vegetables and greens

  24. Jakub Ircow says:

    This is a formula to lose muscle lol. You need some complex carbs, doing
    cardio fasted is good but the intensity should be low but done for a longer
    period of time. What works the best for me is 1h walk in the morning before
    uni straight after the cardio breakfast. When i finish uni gym ,eat
    something then 15 min walk before my high protein low carb evening meal
    around 8pm (approximately 3h after gym) and im done for the day. It’s
    important to spread out the exercises throughout the day so your body keeps
    working all the time :) For those of you who think they dont need muscle,
    the more muscle you have the higher you metabolic rate is meaning that you
    burn more calories :D hope it helped

  25. Scott Thomas says:

    I have been doing these 3 things for 5 straight days now and have lost 6
    pounds. Thanks Scott!