1. Evelina Meow says:

    Hey, can you tell me how long it will take for me to loose at least a
    little bit of weight from by over-sized ladies? I need them to get smaller
    until the summer… Is it possible to do it by then? :))

  2. Parker Fields says:

    I’m 19 and a 36DD, I feel crushed by them sometimes, and from the side view
    I just feel so fat! I think small boons are so cute and beautiful

  3. Madison Henry says:

    CARLY its kinda working I keep doing it and it just… WORKS!! People if
    you don’t believe it will work it does my chest area got a little smaller
    thanks Carly Ill text u agian when it completely works

  4. Lilipop15499 says:

    I thought these exercises would make your boobs bigger, especially the last
    on I thought that’s what the girls at the sleepover scene in Greece are
    doing to make their boobs big

  5. Senaloverymer says:

    I’m 15 and I have a 36C bra. I’ve always been EXTREMELY insecure about my
    body. I’ve lately been okay with them but I’d still like to lose just a
    shred of it. Do these actually work? And how long does it take to see
    results with and without cardio? Thanks!!!

  6. Norhan A. says:

    Do you know how long it will takes to see results? and how often should i
    do them?

  7. Charlotte Hemsworth says:

    I find that i have a really small body and I am a total yogi and workout
    fanatic, but my breasts are quite large and then I tried this for about a
    month and it worked famously! Thanks so much!

  8. Austin B. says:

    You guys think having big boobs are hard? Try being a guy with big boobs.

  9. Desiree Rodriguez says:

    A few years ago I had a reduction done and was super happy with it, but
    then these last 2 years, I gained a lot of weight, which in turn, made the
    boobies grow BIGGER (waaaaah) but I’m excited to try these exercises and
    get some great results…

  10. Wanderlust R. says:

    I had surgery 6 years ago because I had very big boobs. I still have a C/D
    size but my surgeon explained me that there are 2 kinds of fat. And
    unfortunately, my breast is made of that kind of fat which you actually can
    not loose with exercices (but I have to take care of what I eat because I
    win easily fat in my breasts – so this is kind of contradictory, I think).
    If I can gain fat in my breasts, I should be able to loose it, too.

  11. Kayleigh Hickman says:

    If you want larger breasts just eat lots of rice! My mom told me that 

  12. Karlijn van Berlo says:

    Going to try these! I love bandeau bikinis so much, but they look way too
    saggy on me. Thank you so much!

  13. Kuroi Pingu says:

    I’m a 32A, I hate my boobs, I don’t even want any. :/

  14. Skimble Shanks says:

    Thankyou , I hate having large breasts. I won’t take a pic of me from neck
    down because i hate having large breasts its embarrassing.

  15. mjt11860 says:

    small breasts r just as beautiful & sexy as big ones. trust me. i’m a man.

  16. super girl says:

    I am 11 and I have big boobs and I always get made fun and I am so scared I
    started puberty at a very age which is 8 and I need help what do I do

  17. Morgan Miller says:

    ughh you don’t want big boobs trust me they sag and no one in my family has
    big boobs but me im a 38 DD