How To Lose Belly Fat in Just 10 Days

25 comments on “How To Lose Belly Fat in Just 10 Days
  1. Nicotico Dust says:


  2. William Auvele says:

    1.40 Douche Potato?

  3. Levi Garcia says:

    God bless you it worked PERFECTLY on me I was 125 pounds now I’m 85 pounds
    now and I’m 10 yrs old

  4. Ho Lee Fuk says:

    Can you say couch potato again..pleeeease!!

  5. Hameem Yousuf says:

    You’re beautiful. You dont need to overact while talking.

  6. r1skt8k3r says:

    You’re a sexy lil kitten aren’t you!?! Thanks for the tip 

  7. Kan Vij says:

    Beautiful,brilliant natural actress with brain. If we apply Einstein’s
    theory of special relativity couch potatoes die earlier than those who are
    active in their lives.

  8. Edohiguma says:

    Step 1) control calorie intake
    Step 2) work out

    That’s it. Fibrous food has zero influence on the fat. If you burn only
    2,500 calories per day and have an intake of 4,000, you will take on fat.
    Doesn’t matter whether those 4,000 are bacon or apples, you’re taking in
    1,500 calories too many. It’s all solely about energy input and usage. It’s
    basic physics.

  9. ipmala says:

    OMG…..she’s the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.
    I would drink her bathwater.

  10. CORRIGEEN71 says:

    No tiki no laundry

  11. niel days says:

    DONT EAT BANANA if ur IN DIET , use sweet potato instead , eat as many as u
    want . but never go for carbs and fruits like banana , go for whole grain
    bread , fiber food based like cabbage soup something like that , i know
    cuz im a dancer and i need to stay fit :) but dont forget to exercise lol .
    only diet wont help you lost weight .

  12. Michael Harris says:

    BUT BEING A COUCH POTATOE IF FUN?!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!

  13. Kuldeep Varma says:

    Fuck uh sapna vyas patel

  14. megan rose says:

    There is NO SUCH THING AS SPOT REDUCTION!!!! All you can do is put yourself
    at a calorie deficiency and then its up to YOUR GENETICS where the fat will
    be burned from first. This retard has no idea what she is talking about!

  15. 43520tom says:

    Was she signing for the deaf ?

  16. Reguel Mikhail says:

    do you happen to know my friend, Raj Koothrapali?
    he’s an astrophysicist.

  17. John Raymond says:

    Exercise more, eat less. Hmmm, if it so easy why am surrounded by fat
    people everywhere I go.

  18. Damien Ellison says:

    U have a sexy body 

  19. javier lara says:

    I think I have a crush on the girl yo 

  20. Orville Charles says:

    she sounded so stupid!!!! honestly how did ppl like this video!!! walk
    while talking on the phone??? so many fruits????? ppl fruits are sugar,
    sugar is what makes you fat!!! not fat from meats! someone just gave her a
    list of healthy sounding things. ugh!!! hate when ppl who give advice are
    clueless themselves

  21. Wieu Kuot says:

    just shut up and do what she say this what im doing and i lost

  22. Zoran Veselinovic says:

    Kakva laz i navlakusa ni reci o onome sto reklamira klip….

  23. Orlanzo Etkins says:

    Youre gorgeous, my dad is from india and I went to visit his side of the
    family and I saw some beautiful women there but not many that looked like

  24. Meghalal Kr says:

    stupid lady and stupid video………….

  25. olsam lavin says:

    You r the yummy

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