Weight Loss Yoga – Total Body Workout

25 comments on “Weight Loss Yoga – Total Body Workout
  1. Yoga With Adriene says:

    NEW EPISODE: Our Weight Loss Yoga series continues with an epic *60 Minute*
    Sequence! Try this out and let me know what you think.

  2. Stephanie Pham says:

    can you estimate how many calories this workout burns?

  3. Stephanie Susberich says:

    And then the you hear the camera guy giving her directions…and then the
    dog comes in while she’s in squat …what the heck is wrong with this
    video? why did they upload an unedited version of what could have been a
    fantastic yoga video? 

  4. Jennifer Sambolin says:

    I love the longer sessions! However, I am wondering if you can incorporate
    some sun salutations, warriors, triangle and all around more stretching for
    the hips and legs? When it came to the yoga squat my hips weren’t stretched
    enough to get fully into that pose. Thank you and keep them coming, I am a
    fan :)

  5. iluvjesse444 says:

    Wow this was challenging! Worked up a sweat. Great video.

  6. Kathrine Zahm says:

    Thanks Adriene for these videos! I’ve never been into yoga, but you make it
    fun and all about body comfort- so please keep talking it’s hilarious, not
    distracting:) I’ve had Crohn’s Disease for ten years, multiple surgeries,
    so I’m hoping this is something I can do seeing as my high intensity
    workout days are behind me.

  7. Willie Maeket says:

    I loss 12 pounds
    thx Adriene :)

  8. Jin Oh says:

    This was awesome. Thank you!

  9. Kevin Amar says:

    Can’t express enough how much I loved this session. I love how connected
    you are with the body and ease into the poses. I also enjoyed you showed
    we’re human and make many mistakes but remind us we can be imperfectly
    perfect :D You are by far my favorite instructor now! Although I have a
    NASM cert I enjoy watching yoga and using my nutritional cleansing system
    to keep my physique goals. True wellness is a lot easier than the media
    makes it out to be. Have a wonderful day!

  10. Sara Marie says:

    Love, Love, Love your presence! I loved doing this video! I feel so strong
    and peaceful all at the same time. I really can’t express adequately how I
    feel about your guidance. This is the first video of yours I have done. I
    have dabbled with other videos and I love to stretch, but this was
    different. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to making yoga a more
    routine practice. It was just what I needed! Thank you again! I enjoyed it
    even more with the puppy kisses and the “let’s do that again”
    retake/outtake! Just perfection in it’s imprefection! 

  11. Kirsty Cathcart says:

    loved the video, just thought id point out when you did the downwards dog,
    getting the right leg to kiss the right arm then the middle then kiss the
    left arm you didn’t get us to do it with the left side… i think this
    happens a few time in your videos with different moves.
    but really thanks for the videos :)

  12. Célia Cha says:

    Like the recent videos of #30daysofyoga , this one really challenges me,
    as i’m not super tone, but I’ve understand the importance of foundations,
    and keep working that way. Awesome sequence, feeling the energy flowing
    everywhere, feels sooo good. Thank you so much Adriene. Not just for the
    exercise, but for having awakened me with yoga. Feeling good isn’t just
    about sweating to build the perfect body, but also learn to love it,
    slowing down, listening to myself and TAKE TIME for me, notice all the
    sensations. I’m so thankful. Love, Célia from France :)

  13. Caitlin Harding says:

    I highly enjoyed this video! You encouraged me even though I was almost
    whimpering in pain and kept me going. I am trying to get to a healthier
    version of myself and you are helping with that. Thank you Adriene!

  14. Ceyda pekşen says:

    With your videos I have just become more and more aware of the yoga
    postures and my movements and interestingly I understand the rationale
    behind some of the postures. I really enjoy doing yoga with you. Your
    videos are highly appreciated Adrienne. Namaste!:)

  15. Laurence Leonard says:

    really good! made me sweat! 

  16. Samantha Smith says:

    Total newbie here! Its my third week in a row of your videos and I’m loving
    it… Thanks!!

  17. silva tanielian says:

    how much calories are burned?

  18. bonita rwright says:

    pause it at 3:41 #look at her face (I don’t mean it to be mean I
    just think it’s funny

  19. Natalie Snitch says:

    I had been avoiding this video due to its longer running time, I’ve been
    waiting till I can really put that time aside for me. But today i said no,
    I am goin to do it. I will make that time and I’m so please I did. I have
    done many of your videos and i think this one is my favourite… along with
    the flow sequence.
    Thank you and Namaste 

  20. Noble Chemin says:

    I did this workout this morning. It’s perfect. Thank you for sharing your
    gift with us.

  21. Cara Hartley says:

    I love the dog! and the cameraman! let whatever comes to your practice be
    a part of it! Adriene you seem like a rad lady! thank you!

  22. Gwen Petula says:

    Loved this!! My spine feels soo much better and got my back to crack! Thank
    you! The longer classes are awesome!

  23. dana gavrilescu says:

    Great yoga workout. Thank you for sharing so generously :) FYI my dog
    decided to lick my face too during this workout. So there you go!

  24. Yvonne Barnicoat says:

    A great way to continue the 30 days of yoga. I repeated 2 weeks of 30 days
    with my friend in South Africa – she is hooked too. Now back at home, this
    hour long session was bliss. It started off hard but strangely got easier
    as it went along. You are such a good teacher. Thank you x

  25. Phoebe H says:

    Really like your videos. I used to do yoga but the instructors took
    themselves very seriously which made it less fun! Your videos on the other
    hand are really fun and have made me look forward to it! Thank you!

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