Face Yoga – Reduce Cheek Fat and Firm Cheeks

24 comments on “Face Yoga – Reduce Cheek Fat and Firm Cheeks
  1. Alex baker says:

    Imagine that face coming towards you when she’s out on a run. Oh my god I
    am literally crying fuck me

  2. Schoolstuffs2011 says:

    Bro I’m gonna make all kinds of facial muscle gainz!

  3. Jade Cuddly says:

    is it natural when it hurts while doing this? pls answer

  4. Alex Connor says:

    Lmao wtf?

    So she likes doing this excersize while running? Can you image running into
    this lady on a jogging trail? 

  5. Lawrenbert says:

    this is my face when I know a person is lying but I let him/her talk….

  6. lovelyswisher says:

    Thank you for your help with face yoga.. so many people dont know about it
    and it works wonders without having to do surgery or do things to your body
    – that make you not be yourself anymore. People might laugh and have rude
    comments about what you do. But i bet when their getting old and saggy and
    start watching your videos theyll regret being so rude. Thank you and
    please keep making these videos, I LOVE THEM!

  7. Jaidyn Ramirez says:

    It looks like the BOOSHKA face

  8. Zara xo says:

    I think i just died of laughter… :’) thank you lady. Legit but funny

  9. Avah Tia says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing while trying to do the exercises

  10. Jason Ong says:

    Is there any way to enlarge the size of our eye?

  11. MrRaccoon92 says:

    i cant imagine if she really did all of this while she’s jogging outside..
    i mean, I just tried this and its worked since i can feel all the burn on
    my cheek.. but i guess im going to stick doing it in my room LOL

  12. Ken Kaneki says:

    I don’t know how to do that :'(

  13. brandon macias says:

    Thank you, the results show in about 5-10 days, my face is now smaller,
    this video helped

  14. Sam Dactyle says:

    How many times do i have to do it? like how many sets of 10 sec in a day ?

  15. KARAN gowda says:

    Gravity is pulling everything down
    If u know what I mean 

  16. huda Koran says:

    Do these exercise cause any wrinkles ?? 

  17. sameer khan says:

    hey how can i conatct you i need you help badly

  18. Miguel Lopez says:

    Is it normal for my jaw to hurt?

  19. BORIS JOHNSON says:

    Face look so funny I can’t stop laughing while I am training with this

  20. Aisha Nasreen says:

    but how many times per day?

  21. EmRan g says:

    Hi I would love to try this bt would it cause any wrinkles?? Or anyffing
    like that 

  22. oblidi123 says:

    I’d pay to see her doing that workout while running lol 

  23. Derin Pierce says:

    how long do you have to do this exercise til you get results…

  24. Dyana Hirmiz says:

    When should you start noticing a difference?

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