HOW TO GET RID OF A DOUBLE CHIN, facial exercises for women, loose skin, tone saggy jaw

25 comments on “HOW TO GET RID OF A DOUBLE CHIN, facial exercises for women, loose skin, tone saggy jaw
  1. Tracy Campoli says:

    @ElenaLynn check out this video: I hope that

  2. TheMattMan095 says:

    How long will it take to see results? I’m on my third day or so.

  3. jessicastamand says:

    I guess I could try this. I was starting to do research on how to remove it
    surgically on my own (yes I am that crazy) but I will try this for a while
    first… I have had thyroid problems for.. my whole life so I find it
    extremely difficult and depressing losing weight on my stomach an chin. My
    legs and arms an chest are skinny an good looking but my stomach an face
    is… kinda fat but hopefully I can work on those. I gave up on my
    appearance when I was 13 and I am now 20 an starting to try an improve
    myself physically and mentally. Thank you for the video.

  4. Stormi Harrington says:

    I used to do this in front of my make up mirror every day and one day I
    forgot so I thought I would do it when I got to the office real quick while
    my coworker was on the phone. She put them on hold and ask if I was having
    a stroke LOL. It really does work although it looks a little weird! 

  5. Aida Medina says:

    Thank you for your great tips….I am trying them out everyday….

  6. Annais Crawford says:

    Is this best to do once a day or can it be done twice and a day and can I
    do it everday and still get the same results?

  7. morgan noland says:

    i NEED this!!! *my pic is an older pic* but when i was thinner i had a
    chiseled jawline and stuff now i have the worst double chin and i cannot
    stand looking at pics of me when i’m facing forward… i only take selfies
    from a higher angle now and i dont wanna do that anymore… gonna start
    doing these :) thanks for the vid!!!

  8. Yasaman Shakibanejad says:

    Thank you, gonna try it out! 

  9. Kara Ervin says:

    Thanks for the info.. I have been trying to find something and bingo!!!!!
    Great instructions. Thanks again, I will be checking out all of your other
    videos as well. 

  10. fanny MC says:

    Does it even work ? Won’t it just loosen skin at your throat by stretching
    it like that?

  11. Amanda L says:

    Thank you! You remind me of Jenny McCarthy btw, haha.

  12. Jamilla Byrf says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Definitely am going to add in facial

  13. yousaf riad says:

    Thanks alot !! I can feel it working already 

  14. Fil trep says:

    I remember when I used to lifeguard there was a aqua-gym trainer who used
    to have the participants look up, stick out their lower jaw and slowly say
    their vowels: A-E-I-O-U.

  15. Emily Lemons says:

    This is a fun way to get rid of a double chin! I can feel it working!

  16. Wendy McFadyen-Allerby says:

    Thank you Tracy I can do this before going to sleep

  17. Suzi Mc says:

    Hehe i love this one,my daughters like “what are you doing mum” haha

  18. abhishek seebaruth says:

    does it work for men too ?

  19. Ian Gunn says:

    I love how you said don’t be scared with the tongue thing xD – glad to add
    this workout to my routine, you make the workout entertaining and therefore
    fun to do! 

  20. Sadzida Ramovic says:

    WOW! I truly love your videos! I already feel the difference! Love it,
    thank you!

  21. Seth Sprengers says:

    Hey Tracy, thanks for this. I may not be a woman, but men have the same
    problem. Your little ‘throat workout’ here helped me get rid of my double
    chin (weight loss caused) in under 2-3 weeks :)
    It was the only thing I was still bothered by, so big thanks to you! :D

  22. hotta molly says:

    I love you. Thank you. 

  23. Laurie Hiler says:

    I really like this because its easy ! I am 55 and its starting with the
    neck …..Tracy, can you don a demo for the tire tube (lower ab) ? I
    workout but still not tone in this area. Thanks, Laurie

  24. Ka El Sah says:

    Wow! Just what I needed. When I tilt my head back, the muscles around my
    neck and jaw area really needed that stretch! Good stuff. I will be adding
    this to my routine. THANKS!

  25. Blooming Bathtub says:

    Love this ! Thanks