Beginners Yoga for Weight Loss & Fat Burning 40 Minute Meltdown Workout!

16 comments on “Beginners Yoga for Weight Loss & Fat Burning 40 Minute Meltdown Workout!
  1. PsycheTruth says:
  2. Auriel5 says:

    Does this really burn fat? If so, how much? Because it feels like we’re
    doing nothing :(

  3. Reginald Roberts says:

    Love the tats

  4. bone less says:

    I miss you, +CindieCorbin.. Nice to see you back..

  5. Moe Bius says:

    Good to see you making videos again +Cindie Corbin

  6. Mthwa Tungata says:

    06:49 Who’s leading the class practice?!

  7. Mrgazza55555 says:

    31:15 – 31:25 = Delicious!

  8. jg228 says:

    Cindie, please make a yoga DVD.

  9. Penny Brass says:

    This is not for beginners!

  10. Penny Brass says:

    Sorry I find it difficult to agree. Overweight people would find it
    difficult to adopt the initial pose. No point having slim people with
    existing yoga skills to demonstrate poses for overweight people. 

  11. daniel khavasov says:

    Hi guys can you please help me by signing my petition telling starbucks to
    take a stand on GMOs and drop out of GMA!!!!

  12. kevin hogan says:

    This was a great combination of accessible poses that were challenging
    enough, but as I continue practicing every day I’m finding these beginner
    videos becoming less and less difficult. Should I continue these beginner
    videos until I completely master these poses and stretches or continue to
    an intermediate series soon?

  13. Jennifer Ohara says:

    Great workout. I really felt a lot more relaxed after I did this. I
    recommend this workout for anyone who spends all week at the gym. this is a
    great end of the week relaxed workout.

  14. IntellectualsNY says:

    sexy body and feet

  15. Esfix Macz says:

    Yea wow she gorgeous, how about an ASMR of her kisses. Sadly can’t do much
    of that w/o hurting later but some of it was fun