Beginners Yoga for Weight Loss | Blast Belly Fat! Core Strength Yoga & Back Pain Relief Class

25 comments on “Beginners Yoga for Weight Loss | Blast Belly Fat! Core Strength Yoga & Back Pain Relief Class
  1. woodengamer says:

    Love your videos Courtney, and I have been trying some of these at home.
    Can you provide tips for those are even a step before beginners yoga, and
    have flexability and ‘size’ issues? For example I can’t even come close to
    doing Uttanasana due to inflexability in hamstrings and back, plus not
    exactly having a slim tummy…. well you can figure the rest. :) I don’t
    use it as an excuse not to try, I just try to adjust as best as I can to
    get as close as possible.

  2. Briana Reeves says:

    Haven’t watched the video yet and I’ve already liked it and added it to my
    playlist to use for my yoga workout later. Love Courtney’s teaching style!

  3. Mthwa Tungata says:

    Baked an apple?! Baking fruits just seems weird to me! So stereotyped by
    cooking veggies, though I’ve broken away from that too. Except for potatoes

  4. crofitness says:

    too bad you don’t “blast” fat with core exercises..

  5. Isabella Aubrey says:

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  6. Rain Ruiz says:

    When I do yoga with other instructors on YouTube I feel more calm, focused
    and serious about what I’m doing and in the end I feel more knowledgeable
    about my yoga process. This video really distracts me from my workout,
    rarely helps with techniques and seems more like an off topic lecture with
    a side of yoga. I want to learn helpful routines and techniques about yoga
    I don’t want to listen to some lady ramble on about what they ate for
    breakfast while holding a pose and trying to focus on my breathing and
    strength. Answer random peoples questions in text, not in the middle of a
    pose in the video. 

  7. Julien Vanwinsberghe says:

    Nice course thanks! I also prefer without music.

  8. Doniya Jacob says:

    You probably is best yoga teacher , I amtrying to lose weight and I could
    find any vedio ex for full body workout for beiginnier .i would really
    appreciate if you could make new video with effective step or weightloss
    and post it 

  9. Mimi Stefanova says:

    Fantastic class! Faved and subscribed :)
    Can’t wait to be able to move up to intermediate!

  10. Md rizwan Khan says:

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  11. akash pandey says:

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    this popular weight loss system? 

  12. Bettie Fender says:
  13. esther naw says:

    It is very good for me .i have low back pains so really have to be slow to
    follow your yoga steps. Thank You!

  14. toxichic 23sh says:

    Anyone saw results withint just few days or a week?

  15. danni 81 says:

    I’ve had two c-sections will this help with the gross apron of skin left.
    I’ve been doing cardio to try and get gained weight off but still have this
    belly fat that hangs :( 

  16. nexusBOS says:

    Is it normal to be incredibly shaky and unable to fully extend your legs
    straight when laying on your back? Is there any way I can stop this? I
    exercise semi-regularly but it’s always been like this for me. Any help
    would be appreciated. 

  17. Jessica Fields says:

    I loved this video! I am a beginner level Yogi, and this makes my 4th day
    completing the videos! I’m looking forward to getting back into a swimsuit.
    Thank you so much for taking your time to share this knowledge. This
    morning, I had blueberries in skim milk . Yummy. 

  18. Sasha Gonsalves says:

    Too slow and you talk too much

  19. Dan King says:

    Awesome and thanks for gearing these videos for beginners.

  20. Jayanta Sonowal says:

    Anyone know what is Fenoboci Diet Plan about? I hear many people lost lots
    of weight with Fenoboci Diet Plan (google search it). 

  21. Miz Anne says:

    Beginners Yoga for Weight Loss | Blast Belly Fat! Core Strength Yoga & Back
    Pain Relief

  22. Zoe Anna says:

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  23. Noura Bayoumi says:

    I really like this video, I’ve been doing the workout a couple days out of
    the week. Just a tip for any future videos, skip the small talk. I
    understand why you put it in there because it shows off your personality
    which is great, but it is a little distracting during the yoga pose. Just
    something to consider. Other than that, the video is helpful! 

  24. Taylor Charlotte says:

    Great vIdeo for us begInners! I’ve had baked appIes every faII for as Iong
    as I remember. It’s one food that tastes as good from beIng zapped In the
    mIcrowave as weII as baked In the oven.

  25. Emma Faith says:

    OveraII very good Yoga sessIon, but, from a begInner’s vIew poInt, you
    shouId state when you are swItchIng poses. WhIIe you were taIkIng about
    other thIngs you swItched poses and I wasn’t watchIng the vIdeo, just
    IIstenIng for ques. MIssed severaI pose swItches untII I reaIIzed what was
    goIng on. I IIke the extra taIk, but remember thIs Is for begInners and you
    need to Iet us know what you are doIng:) Iove the vIdeo other than that!!