Yoga Zone – Yoga for Weight Loss (Beginners).1

25 comments on “Yoga Zone – Yoga for Weight Loss (Beginners).1
  1. Sarah Evangeline says:

    great workout!

  2. Brujadelamatepec says:

    this got me sweating! thank you…

  3. Itchypaws says:

    I borrowed this DVD from my local library and borrowed it twice! It’s
    really really good! Now I’m sooo glad they have it on youtube! I should
    have discovered this earlier! Now I don’t have to go all the way to the
    library to borrow and return this continually.

  4. jollyjane08 says:

    Finally someone who’s teaching yog the way it’s supposed to be taught – for

  5. Renea Ticking says:

    Great work out; I really enjoyed it!!!!

  6. Piper Blurred says:

    That’s probably because you didn’t exercise for so long. If you do a
    workout, and start feeling sick, you should stop at that point and rest.
    You shouldn’t force yourself. Don’t worry, after a while your endurance
    will rise and you will be able to do longer and tougher workouts. But don’t
    force yourself because you might cause damage.

  7. Dion Callahan says:

    There is a lot if talking and it seems like you are wanting us to hold our
    breathe as you explain. Good workout but the transitions should be smoother
    for a beginner

  8. kgeethu says:

    Great Yoga Workout. Thank you so much

  9. Juanita T. Wilson says:

    My buddy follows this plan and he dropped 7 lbs . for the first 4 weeks
    just spend 22 minutes/day For more information, read here:

  10. MrRatherino says:

    Believable yoga instructors…..

  11. Savannah Neverson says:

    Nice workout, made me sweat a lot, had to stop 3times , kept shaking but I
    told myself that sweat is good otherwise I would have stopped at least 10
    times or given up half way through. But I am determined to lose weight :D
    thank you for making it challenging

  12. camilla konradsson says:

    great great great :D

  13. zahid uddin says:

    Very nice. I like it.

  14. Ta Aminos says:

    great i appreciate very much your video, i find it useful, thanks for
    sharing :)

  15. Iwan Suryanto says:

    i like yoga, this video remember me that’s the healthy can be save and keep
    with yoga…thanks for a video maker

  16. Christine Mann says:

    This is a great video for beginners! I have FMS and started by just doing a
    few monutes every day and working up to the whole thing. Love it! :)

  17. Kaaren Remley says:

    I loooooove yoga zone!

  18. yogafitnessguru says:

    Yoga offers a great for the beginners alternative to sit-ups and squats,
    despite most thinking of it as a low effort exercise.

  19. Christina Kuhn says:

    This will be my first time ever doing Yoga. I hope I love it like I think I
    will. It looks like it might help me since I have issues with health.

  20. kerrie Makeithappen says:

    starting this series in the morning…hope its awesome!

  21. jose antonio salinas vega says:

    Nice practice, the flow is soft, namaste.

  22. Jenwales1 says:

    This was brilliant, thanks. I loved this yoga workout, great for getting
    you sweating a bit and relaxing. Loved it

  23. pink hope says:

    even tho this is pretty old school yoga class it is one of my favorite,
    which i practise and enjoy a lot , thanks !!!

  24. De Evolve says:

    Nice video – hard for me to watch as “the music is louder than the actual
    dialogue” –

    Good luck peoples.

  25. Misis411 says:

    Getting back into the flow of exercise again. Yoga zone is the best place
    to start moving. : )