How To Lose Arm Fat

25 comments on “How To Lose Arm Fat
  1. SummerWeLove says:

    My arms are alr really skinny I just want muscles and to make it stronger .
    Will this help ? I don’t understand what u mean by toning tho

  2. Da DANKS says:

    Ahhah omg I’m laughing at these comments
    “I don’t want to get muscles”
    “I don’t wanna look bulky”

    It takes YEARS to look big and even then girls don’t produce as much
    testosterone as men so you can train ur Ass off and still only gain a
    little bit of muscle if your a girl

    Moral of the story, your not going to look like Arnold by lifting weights 

  3. Josie Herrera says:

    This video along with a few other xhit videos have seriously transformed my
    life! I was feeling down about going from a size 10 to 20 jeans…but over
    two months of working out every day I’m able to fit into a size 16 jeans.
    Also my arms are like new! The flab is almost completely gone. I still have
    a long way to go, but thank you! I feel so motivated during these short

  4. Chris Thomas says:

    she lost me AFTER she kissed her own skinny arm……Shame

  5. Nur Atiqah says:

    I don’t have weight can I use 1 litre bottle? 

  6. capubecks says:

    i am such a couch potato that really whenever i say i l will work out with
    some youtube vid i get bored halfway through, this girl was fun to work out
    with and a short ans efficent vid, you get my like and my subscription…

  7. coloredrose1988 says:

    I always had very fat arms…one day I came to a video and decided to try
    it, after 3 years I finally begin to see results…dont worry ladies you
    arms wont get bulky at all just more toned!

  8. Maria Lewytzkyj says:

    love all your workouts!

  9. Alena Zakharova says:

    if your arms are not extremely fat, you’ll see the results in a week. Do it
    everyday, it’s a great workout 

  10. lucy798 says:

    Fan workout. Feel the burnnnn! Need to work on my pushups :

  11. Andrea Stewart says:

    Great video, my arms are thanking you.

  12. TheLivvieLove says:

    My brother is always badgering me to work out. He is always working out or
    doing something active. A while ago he said i was fat-skinny. Meaning i am
    skinny but i have no muscle, so my arms have a lil jiggle. I cant get it
    outvof my head lol so now I am doing something about it. 

  13. Taylor Oxelgren says:

    How to lose arm fat? Eat less calories than you take in. There.

  14. Mahmudul Huq says:

    Interesting video! I lost my extra weight by changing ingredients in my
    cooking. Its fact that if you take in more calories than you burn off
    during the day you will gain weight! I discovered a lot of my recipe ideas
    from *Fionas fat free family feasts* – Swapping calorie rich food for
    nutrient rich ingredients is the *ONLY way* to keep the weight off! Just
    google it.

  15. Jessy Brunette says:

    Love the energy!! Definitely helped me with my first time doing weights at

  16. Mathias Eriksson says:

    it doesn’t take 3 years to se results…. a couple of weeks with the right
    food and cardio

  17. Vee Watson says:

    Lost so much weight within the past year, only problem is my flabby arms.
    You could totally see my muscles when I lift but there’s that stupid
    unattractive flab; So hoping this video helps.

  18. Marwa Baabdullah says:

    outer thigh fat workout

  19. Sigyn Laufeyson says:

    How long does it take to see results if you do this every day? 

  20. Eduarda Marie says:

    Works without using weights?

  21. maly asiolek says:

    This is great :) How many times a day or week I should do it? I’m skinny
    just working out to tone my body :)

  22. TheIsminakos says:

    When i do these exercises they are difficult for me but the next day i’m
    not really sore.. does that mean that i need to do more reps or lift

  23. denise cryer says:

    how many pound weights

  24. Jolana Tesarova says:

    did anyone notice that she is wearing two different socks? :D that
    destroyed my whole workout. 

  25. Vicky Vertes says:

    How To Lose Arm Fat: