Yoga – Yoga for Weight Loss – Lose 3 to 5 kgs in 15 days

25 comments on “Yoga – Yoga for Weight Loss – Lose 3 to 5 kgs in 15 days
  1. heloisa688 says:

    Twice a day of this? Who can endure such a thing? Only people who are not
    fat…But then, they don`t need to lose fat… Better going for a walk… 

  2. YRoshani says:

    Thank you for sharing The routine of yoga does makes one feel
    good inner and outer.. 

  3. Abeda Hossain says:

    I love this. Its really helped me!

  4. Surya Akshar Yoga says:

    my first thing now for next 15 days!!! new year new meeeeee

  5. lata khera says:

    Awsm yoga workout!!

  6. Neda Naseem says:

    What about complete beginners? I don’t think beginners can do it

  7. Ayaz Siddiqui says:

    I am little bit confuse what is full life cycle can any one describe
    it………Is this video lead to full life cycle?

  8. Shweta Mishra says:

    How many repetitions one should do….plz reply.

  9. samira mohammadi says:

    He or they should explain better how many times in a week and show step by
    step slowly for beginners.and also about wat food u should eat.its not like
    eat anything and loose.better explanation please would be nice.he was to

  10. yumyumduck says:

    that back bend of the girl on the right. and i thought i’m flexible.

  11. ivan robert laid says:

    My family laughed when I told them I would burn fat with Fat Blast Furnace,
    but then I showed them the results. Do a search on google for Fat Blast
    Furnace to see their reaction.

  12. mon world says:

    too much noisy video :/

  13. Tai B says:

    Excellent tutorial! Would love to attend a workout with him. 

  14. lisana yoga says:

    Wow you’d definitely lose weight doing this every day

  15. Fatima Ahmed says:

    I just did this, it’s so good, thank you! Can you please tell me how many
    cycles of each were performed in this video and what does a cycle include?
    So that I can do the counts the yogi has instructed for wait loss? Also who
    are the yogis, well done to them and thank you for guiding us :)

  16. Pranjivan Parmar says:

    Best yoga waight losh 

  17. Vikram Verma says:


  18. Paarwathy Murthy says:

    where r u located and contact no please.

  19. Muhammad Kalil Muhammad says:

    very nice work

  20. anand Pulimamidi says:

    we get very good energy by doing yoga and to fight against to various
    diseases which we come across now a days. be fit. and a very good evening

  21. yogi2yogini says:

    Namaste , dhanyavaad for this great class , I think there needs to be
    another guy in the class to balance the energies so I’ll hopefully join you
    sometime ! Namaste

  22. Lauren Jane says:

    This is fantastic!!….any chance you could film it again without all the
    background noise??!!

  23. sajjad rasool says:


  24. Dmitriy Voyvodov says:

    How many times a day should you do this to loose 3/5 kg in 15 days. PLEASE

  25. Mausam Meghani says:

    I tried this today. Its great. Thank you for posting the video. My question
    is – 3) the intense weight loss series in this video – the way he does it
    in this video – it this 52 counts or it this 102 counts? And to achieve 3-5
    kgs weight loss – I have to repeat the intense weight loss series 10 times
    during the day? Please clarify. Thank you very much in advance.

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