Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown Level 1

25 comments on “Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown Level 1
  1. Misty H says:

    Take some yoga, remove all the best parts, add reps, and you’re left with
    this garbage. Yogis are lean because they possess mindfulness that lessens
    the desire to overeat. This may burn more calories than yoga, but its still
    less effective.

  2. Goldy Locks says:

    YOGA IS POSITIVE!!! AND YOU ALL ARE NOT! Lol! Get a CLUE! Say kind, nice
    things or just shut up and be negative on your OWN TIME! People who have
    never done ANYTHING have tried this! And then do out and do more. Douche
    Bags on this thread!!! AHHHHHH!!! The negativity! I’m HAPPY! And I do this
    WORKOUT! Go #jillianmichaels #goldyknows #goldylocksrocks
    #goldylocksband #jimmyfallon #ellen 

  3. TheDontletyougo says:

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  4. Andrea Bologeorges says:

    After reading some of the negative comments about this not being “true
    yoga” I feel obligated to comment. As a yogi who has practiced for 8 years,
    I can truly say this is yoga and I love this DVD! Yoga is the union of the
    mind, body and soul. Yoga does not stay with you only on the mat – your
    breath, spirit and mindfulness are taken with you throughout your day.
    Jillian does a great job of connecting you to your body and creating
    positive energy. DO NOT listen to the negative reviews, instead find the
    openness in your heart to try something different and radiate peace from
    within. Thank you Jillian~ :) 

  5. Kelsey Vere says:

    Wow! What a great workout! I’m definitely feeling the burn and I couldn’t
    even finish the entire thing! Who knew such a calm exercise and using your
    own body weight could be such an intense workout! Thanks +Jillian Michaels!

  6. OceanFloorSounds says:

    Lol. People are so funny. If you don’t think this is yoga, I’m sure there
    are thousands of other “true yoga” videos floating on youtube. People
    complain about everything. “Cultural appropriation”. Ha! when millions are
    starving to death and being sold as sex slaves. Please use your energy
    wisely, 21st century virtual protesters. 

  7. Margita Brtosova says:

    Im sorry, but Im not really comfortable with using the name yoga for
    this..I mean, she has great body and everything but in my eyes this is just
    an american workout for nice body inspired by yoga positions. The purpose
    of yoga is something different..but its still amazing what she can do :)

  8. Eliane Cristina Soares Rocha de Lima Lili says:

    Thank you Jillian Michaels! I am in better health and well prepared!
    Wishing you Peace and positive energy! Namaste!

  9. Andrea Karshan says:

    I just did this workout again. First time I did it I was in pain for two
    days. Hopefully that won’t happen again lol. I have been doing Yoga off and
    on for about 8 years, more off than on. But for approximately three weeks I
    have been doing it regularly. I really feel a difference and recommend it
    for people. I don’t know if I recommend Jillian Michaels.. she can be
    tough.. but Denise Austin is a little easier. But really if you want to
    learn #Yoga it’s better to take classses then use videos because really
    only a live teacher can help you perfect the movements.

    Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown Level 1: http://youtu.be/q5nyrD4eM64

  10. Markus Dreßen Guitar says:

    Wow! Never experienced such a dislikable “Yoga” teacher. Seems more like a
    drill seargeant and a boot camp… This is the opposite of Yoga! *thumbs

  11. Johnny Smith says:

    I stopped during the hip stretches at 2:43 because it was hurting my feet
    to lift up my legs, so is there anything I need to know to ease this pain
    so that I can complete this exercise?

  12. D B Harris says:

    I am in pretty shape. I do a lot of stretching, resistance training and
    cardio. I thought I might try yoga in 2015. Why not start with some basic
    yoga on youtube right? This video was the first one that came up from the
    search. I saw how many thumbs down it had so i decided to read some
    comments before watching the video. The comments from the yoga community
    were a real turn off. Very judgemental and condescending. I am not sure how
    far into yoga I will get but I am sure I will resist getting sucked into
    the yoga cult in fear of becoming like these people commenting on this

  13. ihateuserids says:

    Call it what you like, I can still only get 10 minutes through before
    collapsing in a heap! I’ll keep at it and no doubt I’ll improve each
    session. Whatever people want to say about this, it does work, I can feel a
    difference and I enjoy it in the privacy of my own home without judgemental
    gym goers having a laugh and my moaning and groaning :)

  14. Thylacinex28 says:

    Yes this video has a lot of thumbs down and way too many negative comments.
    But I just finished this video and I have to admit I feel AWESOME. No this
    video is not “traditional” yoga, this is more of a workout INSPIRED by yoga
    poses. All in all I would say this is a great workout video, but if you are
    looking for a relaxing yoga video, this is not the one for you. I think
    Jillian is an awesome instructor and very motivational, she really talks
    you through the whole video. Love this, will definitely be keeping this
    video in my workout playlist. 

  15. sasha sides says:

    I don’t know what people expect from Jillian, really. She is not a yoga
    instructor, but she is a great trainer, she is in awesome shape and her
    workouts are really hard, they will make you sweat and your body sore. I am
    in a good shape, I do different kinds of exercises and do a bunch of
    workouts on youtube. What I love about Jillian’s style – no bullshit,
    straight to the point and no time wasting. She does the most effective 30
    minute workouts I’ve ever tried. If you are focusing on your body while
    working out (not your spirit or mind – sarcasm), then Jillian has the best
    selection of exercises to offer. 

  16. JaneRob100 says:

    I would like to weigh in on the argument and say that l did some hatha yoga
    years ago when it was first popular, and a thing we did was, wait for it,
    ramped up exercises to get the heart beating. These exercises have some
    different names but l do recognise many of them. However, it seems to be
    mixed in with some Pilates moves that l have also done at one time or
    another. Overall a good workout.

  17. Pat Russell says:

    I wonder what this chick would be like in the sack

  18. Patricia Arnedo says:

    i find it odd that all these people who are claiming this isn’t ‘real’ yoga
    are even bothering to comment so negatively. I thought yoga was about
    mindfulness and positivity, the yogis I know are respectful understanding
    people, i’d expect that from other people who also practice yoga. They say
    this isn’t really yoga, but they themselves don’t reflect the spirit of
    yoga either. 

  19. Taylor Sturtevant says:

    Whether this is true yoga or not, I love it. I decided to try it because I
    was just released from the doctor after 4 knee surgeries and could no
    longer do martial arts (which I did for 12 years). I needed something that
    was a good workout but also easy enough on my knee. This is perfect. And
    has been great therapy for my knee. I also have a bad back and this works
    well for that too. I just got 2 more of Jillian’s DVDs today to try. Don’t
    know if they will be as good as this one but I absolutely love what this
    has done for me :)

  20. Ольга Неклеса says:

    Жаль что нет русского озвучивания,я думаю количество просмотров увеличилось
    бы. Джуллиан молодец, занимаюсь по ее методике, очень классно.

  21. nadia rodriguez says:

    These comments made me laugh. If you would have read the description of the
    video, it saids she uses yoga poses combined with her signature excerises.
    Jillian is a trainer, not a yoga master. She used yoga to inspire a workout
    and I love it. Amazing trainer. Try reading the description next time.

  22. alexandria hicks says:

    i’m a =12 year old and i just did this and wow its so bloody hard and fun.

  23. Jordan Manson says:

    this is a good workout video using yoga technics if you are a beginner to
    yoga and you start here and then decide to go to a yoga class you might
    find a big difference… 

  24. Bella8258 says:

    I’m really torn on this video. After watching it, it seems like a GREAT
    workout, but also kind of disrespectful to the Yoga culture. People forget
    that Yoga was originally practiced as part of a religion (not so much as
    exercise!) hundreds of years ago and became “mainstream” in the last few
    years. I have practiced Yoga (and took a class about it in college!), but I
    feel as if Jillian didn’t really take the idea seriously. This could be
    REALLY offensive to the people who practice Yoga religiously or as part of
    their culture. Why? Because she is simply borrowing moves and taking away
    the “mental” peacefulness that you’re supposed to have when practicing
    Yoga. It’s like working out in a church. You’re physically present, but not
    mentally there. With that said, there is no need to be rude in comments!
    There is such a thing as voicing your opinion with respect!

  25. Ashley Frerichs says:

    Thank you Jillian!!! This is the ass-kicking yoga workout I needed today!
    I’ll be making this part of my weekly routine. XOXO

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