YOGA Weight Loss Challenge Workout #4 – 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate

25 comments on “YOGA Weight Loss Challenge Workout #4 – 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate
  1. Zahrlavi says:

    Another incompetent cameraman, we need genuine close-ups of Jen Hilman’s

  2. Shox1k says:

    fap time)

  3. Charlie Wallace says:

    I’m kinda neutral, when it comes to tattoos. It’s your body, so you can do
    what you want to it. There’s no need to hide your tattoos. A beautiful
    woman is beautiful whether she has tattoos or not. And you, Jen, are a
    beautiful woman. With beautiful tattoos. ;-)

  4. Eric akafathual says:

    I think tattoos are awesome but we should remember they used to be
    spiritual and not for the cool factor to which everyone gets one now and
    days. I would like to get one but I would have to have a purpose for
    getting one.

  5. basicbitchesx says:

    This isn’t a porn channel you fucking pedos.
    Btw jen can you do a live chat video thing please?!!!

  6. daancer1997 says:

    Really nice yoga practice, especially the balancing pose. I haven’t tried
    that one before! Hope you can ignore all the perverts on here :)

  7. Jennifer Brenner says:

    Love your routines a bunch, thank you so much for sharing them. Tattoos are
    wonderful, I say keep getting them! I personally have two and want some
    more! You rock yours!

  8. mickmick 1972 says:

    Jen. Please make some more stretch videos for inner thigh, lower back at
    each side of the spine, and others. Thanks.

  9. Elicia Clark says:

    Camera? Other than that, awesome!

  10. TheBigSuegroski says:

    Not a tattoo guy. I don’t find them attractive and really don’t see the

  11. Johndiego95 says:

    I can’t take you seriously with tattoos, I’m going to be honest. But you
    asked for my opinion right ? Anyways, love what you are doing, regardless.

  12. Jim Hanratty says:

    ➜ YOGA – Did you know the claim of physical benefits of Hatha Yoga are
    merely secondary benefits?

    The postures are offering oneself to the 330 million Hindu gods
    (unknowingly to you until the teacher feels you are ready for more
    knowledge). Yoga postures really are; they are offerings to the Hindu gods.

    Ro.12:1 KJV Bible
    “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present
    your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your
    reasonable service.”

    The ultimate goal of yoga is moksha, the attainment of liberation from
    worldly suffering and the cycle of birth and rebirth and to bring the
    practitioner into union with Braham, the Hindu concept of god. ( Brahman:
    The holy or sacred power that is the source and sustainer of the universe.)

    Yogis Masters send out evangelists (yoga teachers) to USA and other
    countries to evangelize under guise of teachers of yoga exercise to improve
    energy, relax, improve flexibility, when their real goal is to involve the
    students into Hindu philosophy.

    There true mission to bring the student into the Hindu practice that brings
    the student to “enlightenment,” which is when you become aware that YOU are

    They justify this “heavenly deception” because their bible (Vedas) permits
    deception of the ignorant (us). It reads “Don’t go to the ignorant on the
    level of the enlightened but give them just a little knowledge and bring
    them up slowly.”

    See Proof:

  13. icazvezdica says:

    Still waiting for video number 5? What is happening with that? Thanks!

  14. Mohammed Q says:

    watching this make me more tense :(

  15. MsAgentprovocateur10 says:

    Great flow. I felt as if I actually had time to breathe while
    transitioning into and holding poses. You wouldn’t believe how fast some
    other Yoga sessions make you move. This was great especially for someone
    who experiences anemia like me, it really helps to get oxygen into the
    blood cells because you have the time to
    breathe deeply!
    Personally, I’m not into tattoos myself but I don’t judge, I don’t
    quibble. I’ve dated guys with a modest few tats but I remember asking one
    bf if he intended to get anymore and he kind of looked at me defiantly like
    ‘maybe I will’ (lol) and I think he knew I was secretly hoping he wouldn’t
    get anymore.
    I do admit, I wouldn’t mind getting hennaed on my hands and/or feet. It’s
    painless and temporary :)

  16. Laura S. says:

    Starting my week 4 of your challenge, Jen! Thanks so much!!

  17. Alexis Kraus says:

    Tattoos all the way!

  18. Nakiya Smith says:

    today’s my first day of week 4. Best workout since week 1.

  19. White Square says:

    Don’t get anymore tattoos Jen , woman with tattoos dosn’t do it for me ,
    just stay as you are you look lovely.

  20. molly savard says:

    Is week 5 available? Thanks for the series. 

  21. Amy Bowe says:

    What video is the fifth one in the Weight Loss Challenge series? I only see
    Workouts #1 through #4. Love your routines! 

  22. Kary Seach says:

    Jen, I’m loving your videos. Will you be releasing workout #5?

  23. Ayda Cifuentes says:

    I loved your practice. You are sweet and authentic and that communicates
    through your guidance. Thank you!

  24. Odile Mattiauda says:

    Where is your week 5. Can’t find it on your psychetruth list?

  25. Claudia Roitman says:

    +PsycheTruth when is workout #5 going to be available.. I have been
    waiting since december.. I guess it is already time that they finally
    upload the vid. Thanks! Love Jen’s workouts.

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