Yoga For Weight Loss & Flexibility Day 1 Workout – Fat Burning 20 Minute Beginners Class

25 comments on “Yoga For Weight Loss & Flexibility Day 1 Workout – Fat Burning 20 Minute Beginners Class
  1. PsycheTruth says:

    Yoga Routine to Lose Weight with Courtney Bell!
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  2. PsycheTruth says:

    Yoga For Weightloss With Courtney Bell
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  3. PsycheTruth says:

    Yoga For Weight Loss with Instructor Courtney Bell

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  4. Sheila Washington says:

    *.* Movement *-* is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical
    *,* emotional *,* and mental states *.* *. .*

  5. Baby says:

    her body is goals

  6. RandomASCII says:

    You mention a variation of this for a second and third day, but nothing
    else. Am I correct in assuming that routine is to cycle through this, or is
    there something else to this? As for the video itself, it seemed quite
    informative and theoretically effective(I’m writing this before I try it,
    so I can’t really say whether or not it worked for me or not.) Admittedly,
    the choice of wording for some of the explanation of the various steps made
    me snicker a little. It’s not something that would really impede my
    following along at the current quantity though.

  7. Mariya Manalli says:

    hey this was great, i think it was a little slow? maybe go through the
    steps a little faster because i felt the like i lost the effectiveness,
    waiting for you to explain…

  8. Nicola Allison says:

    My stomach was absolutely killing me with the ones on my back! :D

  9. Emily Jones says:

    Does this actually help with loosing weight? Please respond 

  10. Luke Spedding says:

    Wow that was pretty intense, i have only been doing yoga for 4 days and my
    body was shaking lol hope it becomes second nature for me like it looks for
    you :) thank you. 

  11. Christine Tollefsen says:

    I struggle with not being able to breath. The shoulder up tp ear thing
    forexample, i couldt take a single breath. If i run i cant breath and if i
    plank i cant breath

  12. Katharina Pavlin says:

    Great video, helps a lot :)

  13. Suzy Says says:

    Excellent routine and video. The exercise’s were original for me and and
    gently challenging in a very enjoyable way. The instructions were the best
    I’ve come across on you tube, very detailed. I’m not a total beginner but
    lot of the time I try to do the more complex yoga routines and don’t do a
    lot of the exercises with very much control or proper breathing. This
    video had very detailed methods of controlling the movements correctly.
    Very nice sentiments to carry away too. I will be following the series.

  14. Venu Kumar says:

    To ordinary people who want to burn fat eventually, Just Google Fat Blast
    Furnace and get started.

  15. MrsPhantasy says:

    I just love this video <3 my backpain is much better after these 20 minutes
    and I think maybe a little tiny bit of my belly fat is already gone ^^ the
    second video rather increased my back pain so I chose not to do that
    anymore, but I'm gonna try the 3rd video ;)

  16. erdal0 says:

    Can you do a video of these exercises without clothes? I think it would
    demonstrates the exercises more clearly.

  17. Jessica Brantl says:

    hi im trying to lose my belly fat i dont have alot just a bit and when i
    first did this workout to try out yoga i was shaking so badly but i didnt
    give up and the next day my abs hurt so much like a real bad stomach ache i
    tried other yoga instructers and never really felt that way but it did help
    me to get stronger so now when i do this workout my body and legs dont
    shake and i did it again and i can feel my abs at the moment :D but not as
    badly as the first time i think this one might be the one to actually work
    just wanted to say my opinion thanks for this video :D

  18. M M Paul says:

    For all those who claim she talks too much, maybe you’re too self-centered
    to listen to anyone else’s guidance and advice; taking the time to nit-pick
    on something that might be helpful for someone else just points to the lack
    of peace in your own life.

  19. Coconuts Nichole says:

    That was a lot harder than I thought!!! I think I may have to do this video
    for an entire week before moving on to the next video but I look forward to
    it! Thanks.

  20. Sassy Stout says:

    I loved this video. It was so easy to follow and i didn’t feel rushed like
    other videos. i could really focus on the exercise and doing it right.
    Thanks so much for this video!

  21. Miss Anonymous says:

    Love this video. Didn’t feel like 20 mins ^_^

  22. Hillevi Lilja says:

    For how long should i do this to just get a flat stomach , i don’t have
    much “fat” on my stomach but for how long ? 

  23. Huda Maisa says:

    when i lie down and lift the leg, i realize my leg cannot be straight. so
    the up and down leg movement is not straihght. is it okay? and can this be

  24. MissTastyDoll says:

    I recently caught the flu so I thought about doing yoga at home instead of
    going to the gym. I feel AMAZING after doing this!!! :)

  25. Nat J says:

    hey im new to yoga and need some tips please- firstly, does anyone else
    find their hands slip when in downward dog? even tho im on a good yoga mat
    i find my hands slipping away from my and i have to keep repositioning
    secondly- whenever i do leg raises whilst on my back, my hips crack when i
    raise my leg! and its painful! is this normal? and what can i do to prevent
    it? Thanks and namaste

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