Yoga For Weight Loss – 40 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout!

25 comments on “Yoga For Weight Loss – 40 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout!
  1. VannahAriel says:

    I decided to do this when I felt hungry. Now I’m not even thinking about
    potato chips anymore…oh crap. Lol better do this again. :D

  2. ana fernanda palafox says:

    your great at what you do ! but you just talk too much about things that
    have nothing to do with the exercise…its just distracting.

  3. Isabella Aubrey says:

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  4. Little Mama UK says:

    Hey Adriene! Thanks for putting together this yoga workout. I found
    it…pretty punishing to be honest. The problem I have is weakness in my
    neck (from an underlying genetic disorder that I’m determined to beat into
    submission) and I find all the scooping and lifting really difficult. The
    belly part isn’t too hard though! If I continue to do this work out
    regularly, do you think I would eventually find it easier and easier? Right
    now, I’m a little disappointed with my overall strength.

  5. Inga Kristina says:

    Hey Adriene!
    At first, I would like to say Thank You so much!
    As I am a total beginner at this, your talking helps a lot to do it right!
    I have tried some of your video tutors, but found this one more suitable
    for my body.

    Best wishes,

  6. Ms. Kadesia says:

    Not to sound ignorant or anything but if I actually to do this everyday I
    should start losing weight? I seriously didn’t know yoga was for weight
    loss too.. 

  7. MrBlinkash1980 says:

    I actually lost 22 kgs in one-and-a-half months just with yoga, plus got
    some great flexibility.

  8. Kirsty MacLeod says:

    Adriene! Struggling to do the poses on my back (the “not crunch” ones)
    without getting a really tight neck and throat. Any tips on how to keep
    neck relaxed when I’m lifting my head?

  9. Samantha Toft-Goulding says:

    I am currently losing weight and making videos for youtube.
    If you subscribe to me I will subscribe back

  10. Maila Marco says:

    I’m a guy who normally works out six times a week. Tonight I decided not to
    go for my jog as I have shin splints, and tried to follow along with this
    video instead. This workout totally kicked my ass, and I have a newfound
    respect for yoga. PS I like the casual chat, simba reference etc. You rule,

  11. Monique Kviberg says:

    Thank you….I really felt the work out w/ this 40 min. work out, loved the
    fact I sweeter, but didn’t’t hurt. Will be using this video daily .;-)

  12. Cristina Sburlea says:

    I love this. I used to do a lot of sports but due to surgery on my leg and
    other things I stopped, but I recently started watching these videos and I
    feel great doing all these exercises. I don’t need to lose weight but
    exercising makes me feel better in general, it improves my mood :D. Great

  13. Mike R says:

    I am a 70 year old who has done yoga in the past and am planning to get
    back into it as a sane way of exercise and regaining touch with the Tao. I
    have watched several Yoga programs looking for the one I wanted to follow
    and have picked yours Adriene.

    You have a very good style. I like your jokes, your relaxed friendly rap,
    and your style of Yoga is very true to what I understand Yoga to be about
    (being “organic,” listening to your body, non-straining or trying to force
    yourself into a posture that someone else can do but you [that is the
    general you meaning anyone] are not ready for, and being something that
    brings you joy.

    I appreciate your videos and hope you stay with it. 

  14. slangin'Spooky bagsofswag says:

    you are by far my favorite online yoga instructor!! i was cracking up the
    entire time through which made me that much more comfortable! you are a
    great teacher and ive done SOOO many online yoga videos and programs and
    ive only watched this one video so far and im hooked on you! i just
    finished this video and it was challenging but not impossible and my legs
    are shaking so i know it worked!! thank you thank you thank you!!

  15. Victoria Schwartz says:

    loving your instruction adriene, feels like if I taught yoga, cant pass up
    a good joke or impression or pretty much any reason to make people laugh.
    the only thing i would advise is sometimes you leave us in hard positions
    while your explaining things and it gets me yelling at you on youtube
    hahaha other then that i keep coming back to your channel for morning yoga

  16. Fadhlan Rahim says:

    For a guy who is 5’7 and 242lbs obese, I’m out of breath 10 mins in.. So
    much harder than it looks.. You made it look so easy. Gonna promise myself
    to do this every other day and hopefully progress day by day. Thank you so

  17. Michele Jacobs says:

    Hi Adriene, I recently discovered your videos and I want you to know that
    you are truly gifted at teaching Yoga. I enjoy your humor and find it
    refreshing. Not so serious, as some videos are just to boring. I have been
    doing Yoga for about 6 years. I am 52 and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid
    Arthritis almost 2 years ago, and I also have Fibro with degenerative disc
    disease. We are testing me for Lupus soon. I am telling you all this to say
    that I had stopped Yoga last year do to erosions in my wrists, 1 surgery
    along with surgery on both ankles in November. I found your videos and it
    is great to get a refresher on poses and stretches. Thank You for just
    being you! My motto is ” it could be worse. ” Namaste girlfriend!

  18. Gemma Wood says:

    Just discovered your channel last night when I did bedtime yoga and now
    this… you are great!!!

  19. MeggieTheWerewolf says:

    I like this training, besides I recommend to you, guys, an app – Daily
    Yoga, from google store :D I am sure you can find it in iPhones’ version
    too, so!
    In Daily Yoga app you can find A LOT of different training and you can
    easily get what’s soing on it there, so here’s a link to download it on
    your (warning,) PHONE or TABLET, but it’s not for a computer to download.
    Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy this thing.
    I’ll say again – I love this training, thanks Adriene :)

  20. Patrycja Gumola says:

    Hi Adriene. I just have stareted taking some your yoga classes. 30 days of
    yoga exactly. I thing your body very nice and I wondered if you get some
    other burning calories exercises like jogging etc. except for yoga. If not
    just tell me how many hours per day do you “yoge”. I am very curious person

  21. Andrew Wolf says:

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  22. Ivana Gromuk says:

    This is honestly an amazing workout. I sweat more than when I do 30 minutes
    on the elliptical,and feel amazing! Hoping one day I’ll be able to do all
    of the poses like she does them,and without my belly fat getting in the

  23. Anthony Mell says:

    great videos! don’t worry about talking so much, it makes you more

  24. Kolbrún Gunnarsdóttir says:

    Thank you for a good and hard work out! I sang with you “the circle of
    life” haha !!
    I’ll be back for more yoga here :)

  25. Morgan Taliaferro says:

    What eating habits have worked for you? I’ve heard success stories with the
    Paleo Diet but I am vegetarian and it says no legumes or dairy. 

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