Yoga for Weight Loss & A Strong Toned Body – Fitness Blender’s Yoga Inspired Total Body Toning

25 comments on “Yoga for Weight Loss & A Strong Toned Body – Fitness Blender’s Yoga Inspired Total Body Toning
  1. lilyloveslola says:

    I thought this looked quite easy. Boy I was wrong! Great workout :)

  2. raquelnuñez says:


  3. evey morris says:

    yesss i love this workout!

  4. Gemma Anne Roissetter Brown says:

    More yoga videos would be great!

  5. Bethel Elias says:

    I love yoga videos!! Please do more of them :)

  6. yogafitnessguru says:

    Love the comment below about thinking the workout “looked quite easy”
    before they tried it – If anybody does Yoga properly, they know it’s not
    easy. That’s why it’s so great for weight loss.

  7. yougotemel says:

    i was super sore from one of your hour long hiit workouts and i thought id
    do some easy yoga instead of having a rest day. THIS WAS SO MUCH HARDER
    THAN I THOUGHT ITD BE. finished it but im dying! haha.

  8. Cinthya Rhoades says:

    Exactly what I needed this morning after yesterday’s leg day and last
    nights minimal sleep! Feeling good :)

  9. swaka de acid says:
  10. Hannah Ita says:

    Tough workout! Might do this one for a while!

  11. grace kendal says:

    im only 11 but still work out about 3 days a week i run so this was great
    for after 

  12. MusicManiac1285 says:


  13. Melissa McGillivray says:

    I absolutely underestimated this workout. Did it after Tank Top Arms Round
    2, ouch! My arms will be complaining tomorrow.

  14. TheCocina15 says:

    Great workout! It was HARD but I made it through and will definitely be
    back for self checks as I get stronger!

  15. Stefan Bauer says:

    wow – thx for the great “first step” into Yoga – that was waaaay harder
    than anticipated :O

  16. Little Ladybird says:

    I started to watch the whole advertisements before Fitness Blenders videos
    because I think these guys deserve to earn some money :D

  17. Aaron Kennaugh says:


  18. Joyce Robinson says:

    This is very effective and nice and short, I will feel this, I feel upper
    body with weights from yesterday. Will pair with the Stress Busting
    Yoga/Pilates Relaxing Stretch for Flexibility and this workout will be

  19. Maggie McClain says:

    Pleasantly surprised with the intensity as others mentioned, but not so bad
    that I couldn’t hack it in the middle of day without feeling like showering
    was a must. 

  20. daydream warrior says:

    such a good workout i feel like ive done a 30 minute yoga workout in 15
    minutes thanks for posting

  21. Jill Valentine says:

    Should really label this one upper body yoga! It’s a good workout, thanks!

  22. angelofverve says:

    Hey guys, this routine is one of my fav right now and probably for quite
    some time. :) Really love it and now I’m getting stronger! Wanted to ask
    how much calories are burnt after finishing this workout?
    Keep up the great job – thanks plenty!! :)

  23. Hoods A says:

    I could feel my whole body working but it was sooo relaxing at the same

  24. lee marirosa says:
  25. Heidi Gough says:

    I’m always amazed how yoga can get my heart pounding. It looks like it
    really shouldn’t but it does?!