Very Simple Tricks to lose Weights by yog guru Swami Ramdev

25 comments on “Very Simple Tricks to lose Weights by yog guru Swami Ramdev
  1. Satyajit Mondal says:

    joy joy baba ramdev

  2. Wendy Nichols says:

    Thank you Prateek, much appreciated.

  3. ROHAN GUPTA says:

    this is the way to get cured.

  4. Chandra Mohan says:

    gurudev ko pranaam

  5. ASIF KHAN says:

    Would rather stay fat,than drinking cow mutr….

  6. al-momin says:

    what a waste of time!

  7. mahendar kharbanda says:

    Good job


    thanx babaji!!!!

  9. Hari Prasad sp says:

    don’t drink cold water

  10. Qasim Badil says:

    Drink urine 

  11. Qasim Badil says:

    This was my first time I saw his video
    And wanted to hear
    First was drink hot water
    Its okey
    Lakin pyass tandey yah darminey pani se boughtee hai
    Then the second step was
    I couldn’t stop my laughing
    When I heard he said drink urine
    Plz don’t mind my comments 

  12. Qasim Badil says:

    Now I am scared in Dubai I went to baba ramdev shop and bought a toothpaste
    for shine
    Becoz I smoke and drink coffee
    Now I am scared kiya us toothpaste. Main koe cow is urine toh use nahi kiya
    app ne

  13. Makky Khan Shummer says:

    hahah what a turd….how can drinking piss lose weight? What a turd…

  14. fairy Naz says:

    What a nonsense…. don’t drink hot water that is not good for health use
    normal water….and you even don’t think to drink that shit….cow urine

  15. mkrangachar says:


  16. Saurabh Jays says:

    Normal drinking water should be 5-10 degree celcius

  17. Laura Reid says:

    love it!

  18. ruby nayak says:

    Mohammad also follows

  19. Nidhi Sharma says:

    Ramdev ji thanks for givng yoga mantra to all of us…

  20. chhabi randhari says:

    Qasim, naz and makki tum log kisi janwar ki jab blood meat ko paka k khate
    ho tab. Muh se shit nahi nikal ta.

  21. Fahad Latheef says:

    What is mean by GOMUTER

  22. Manjunath S says:

    good for swasth samaja .

  23. Jerry Johnson says:

    Is he supposed to be speaking English??????????????????

  24. Muskan Khemani says:


  25. Mahmoud Samy says:

    you write the title in English and its Hindi video , and no even english
    subtitle? thanks for wast or time , and please next time you share a Hindi
    video write its title in hindi , so we know that video is not for us

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