Plus Size PIYO Yoga Pigeon pose Modify Weightloss

7 comments on “Plus Size PIYO Yoga Pigeon pose Modify Weightloss
  1. Jen Sanders says:

    Love the giggle!, you are so honest I just want to push you over and tickle
    you!! Haha thanks for doing these videos- helpful can’t even start to
    express how great they are

  2. Julie MacKenzie says:

    Thank you very much for the suggestions. I am going to try the scarf one!

  3. Kim Deister says:

    These videos are so awesome! I wish all coaches were as motivating and
    inspiring as you are!

  4. rocco alex says:

    i love you

  5. Samantha Wright says:

    I freaking love you! You are so real and honest! You are helping me
    understand when i cant get into these it’s not just time to give up! it’s
    time to find a way to get into that pose, process may be slow and it may
    take time but I CAN DO IT :)

  6. Jennifer Henderson says:

    Ty for being so real u make exercise fun and easy since i have the big
    tummy issue 

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