How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy (NO EXERCISE) – Weight Loss – Lifestyle – Healthy Diet – Abigale K

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  1. Abigale Kirsten says:


  2. Ciel Phantomhive says:

    I want to try this, try any diet, but my family only seems to buy unhealthy

    I’m 13 and am 300 pounds of nastyness.

    I want to be at least at 150 within the next year and a half. Is that
    possible? Any tips?

  3. Nude Miley! says:

    I ordered these pills *RUSH NUTRA* I have lost 9 pounds since I have been
    taking the pills. –> If you take the pills you will
    lose weight.?

  4. Dragan Krstic says:

    Hi all of you… Could anyone of you recommend me some decent and proven
    weight loss program for my wife, you have used, or you know someone used it
    and it was succesfull ? She has huge problem with obesity. She has tried
    different methods and trainings but no one really worked for her(last time
    she lost 13 pounds in about 3 weeks and now she is gaining pounds again).
    If anyone knows any decent and reliable weight loss program, please
    suggest!Thanks in advance people :) It would mean a lot to ,me and my girl

  5. Abigale Kirsten says:

    Watch NEW WEIGHTLOSS VIDEO BEFORE AND AFTER on my new channel called
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  6. Brenda Richardson says:

    *What a video..The sImpIe and overIooked truth about Fat Loss For Women —
    and many other modern dIseases — Is that It’s InfInIteIy more Important to
    pay attentIon to what you put InsIde your body, than to have to deaI wIth
    the symptoms that drugs can fIght from the outsIde.*

  7. Mandy Morsicato says:

    Hey Abby! The green tea diet, or whatever this is, really helped me. I
    started out at about 200 pounds, most likely more, and now I’m down to 160.
    I’ve been at 160 for a while so I think I’m going to try the oolong tea (I
    think I spelt that wrong) and add in some exercising. I hope it helps out.
    I fallow you on instagram and I’ll put up some pictures of what I’m at now
    (: I was really really fat an uncomfortable before and wanted to change.
    This is the only thing that has helped me and I’ve been able to stick to.
    Thank you for sharing this with everyone! 

  8. shiraley chandra says:

    Hey Abigale,
    So, I know this is a bit too soon to post here but I saw your video about a
    month ago. I’m 21 and stand at 5’4″. I’d been upset with my weight for a
    long time but being a hypothyroid patient, I’d kinda given up on the whole
    weightloss thing. But then I weighed myself and I was shocked. I weighed
    70kgs!! Most of my clothes had stopped fitting me and I was so mad at
    Then one day I’d had enough so I went out and bought green tea for myself.
    Apart from that, I cut out all sorts of junk food and food from the
    restaurants and stuff. No colas, no ice creams, no biscuits and definitely
    no chips. All packaged foods were out. I started drinking the green tea
    like you said…3-4 times a day. I also started having home cooked meals
    and snacks in moderation. I didn’t starve myself or anything of the sort. I
    took up stretching my limbs which turned into 15 minutes of yoga a day.
    That’s all I did.
    I started off at 70 kilograms…This was on 4th of April. Today it’s the
    29th of April and I have lost 7 kilograms which is approximately 15.5
    pounds! And I’m so proud of myself! This was despite my cheat treats every
    once in a while with le beau. Today I weigh 63 kgs and I’m nowhere near
    I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me so so much!

  9. Sydney Iski says:

    Can I put honey on my green tea if I don’t like the taste? 

  10. Brittany Lewin says:

    Try this if you want to lose weight

  11. dropdead_Zion says:

    Abigale, what do you suggest for the preperation of the tea? everyone makes
    it differently. how many tea spoons or table spoons of sugar? and all that?

  12. honder says:

    > New weight lose program. You before and after.

  13. lexie Dawson says:

    Its summer now and I’ve been bullied a lot in my 6th grade year and so I’m
    trying to lose weight over the summer. I’m wondering if when you make the
    green tea are you allowed to put some sugar in it or not. Because I
    literally have no idea I may need help with this . also can I eat peaches?

  14. Daily glitter says:

    *eats chocolate bar while watching weight loss videos

  15. Pat Ellis says:

    Thank you Abigale this whole video has helped me lose 5 pounds already
    within 3 months I feel so much better along with some exercises too. The
    way you put this video together was so creative. Thank you again!!!!!!!!

  16. YorkeMaster says:

    By biscuits you mean like cookies right? I member calling them that back
    when I lived in Africa

  17. Angela Loftin says:

    Reducing your weight is challenging! Would you agree with me? I used to
    reckon that, however I found a system that has been working in my
    situation. Getting access to the information was easy and quick. After
    watching this video explaining it, I knew I had to try myself. I am very
    thankful I did. ….

  18. Lucy Hartfila says:

    No rice…. I’m skinny but I think I’m fat…..

  19. xItsHailey ♥ says:

    I have jusst plain “Diet Green Tea” It’s not organic in any way and it
    comes in a bottle. Does it work?

  20. Zethu Berjawi says:

    I really wish I can find a weight loss solution that works. Not one that
    works for the 1st few months but I want to lose weight for good. I have
    lost weight only to gain it back and then some. I tried No Carb diets,
    Atkins, and other fads… it’s just too hard to keep it going. I want to look
    my best like in my early 20’s. Can someone please help and give me your
    real life experiences.

  21. Chelse Atta says:

    I love weight loss green store tea. I generally loose 5 pounds after about
    3 days when using. After see in my change, my sister ordered for herself
    from Weight loss green store

  22. Kimberly A. says:

    Can someone tell me their results of doing this?

  23. realgirlgamer says:

    +Abigale Kirsten Hello and thanks for this, it’s been an inspiration for me
    for a long time :) I was just curious – do fresh plums work as well, or
    just prunes? Thank you for your answer :) P.S. I LOVE your eyes :D